“Introducing My #1 Forever Stock for 2016” (Blue Chip Gems)

Who does Bret Jensen like for a 4% yield and possible double from $40?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 9, 2016

That quote in our headline comes from Bret Jensen, who runs the Blue Chip Gems newsletter put out by Investors Alley (he also has a Biotech Gems letter and a Small Cap Gems letter, with sector focus that you can probably guess at by their titles).

We’ve looked at a couple of stocks he has teased since launching his first newsletters in 2014, and those haven’t particularly compelling performers… but today’s pitch is, to be fair, much different (past picks were “story” stock RICK and its breastaurants, which has been just plain weak, and biotech EGRX, which did shoot up last year before falling back to a loss).

Today it’s blue chips and “Forever Stocks” that Jensen is looking for… and, well, that seems to be one of the few notions that investors are finding comfort with during this recent time of turbulence, the idea that if everything is dropping