“Alzheimer’s ‘Miracle Cure’ Discovered — Your Key to an Untapped $189 Billion Market”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 21, 2011

This is all hush-hush, you understand — I’m taking terrible risks by just writing to you today.

And my intrepid readers, members of the resistance, have also pushed the limits in sharing this news. The ad makes this very clear — it came with the subject line, “WARNING! Do Not Share, Do Not Forward”

But they did, my friends — that’s just how hard the mighty Gumshoe readers fight to make sure that profitable (maybe) information can reach our greedy little fists. One of them included this terse message:

“I have forwarded this message in defiance of instructions; please do not report me to Louis Navellier.”

Have no worries, my friends — your secret is safe with the Gumshoe.

And yes, that’s who is pitching this ad our way: Louis Navellier. He’s doing so — and, of course, using the silly language to make us feel like secret agents — in order to get new subscribers to one of his less expensive newsletters, Blue Chip Growth (“on sale” for $100/year at the moment).

But still, when you tell me you’ve got an Alzheimer’s stock that might actually produce something to help those suffering from this disease … well, that catches my attention. Not just because I’m such a well-known humanitarian, but because curing Alzheimer’s would make the dollar bill signs spin through your eyeballs so fast that you’d likely faint. This is one of the huge unmet areas of pharmaceutical demand — which is why the search for an Alzheimer’s cure always finds investors, and, of course, why so many little biotech stocks have crashed and burned in the effort to develop new compounds for this disease.

So what’s our stock?

Here’s how Louis introduces it:

“Breaking News

“Alzheimer’s ‘Miracle Cure’ Discovered

“What You Need to Know about the BIGGEST Medical Secret of our Lifetime….

“Stage Set for Massive Run-UP

“—Patented drug on verge of ‘Double Blockbuster’ status… could claim top spot in TWO of world’s fastest-growing medical markets

“—New £100,000 grant awarded to verify results.”

That’s actually almost enough to feed into the Thinkolator, right there in the headline. But then Navellier gets into the details a bit more just to give us a chance to be double-dog sure of our results:

“I’ve been telling my growth-stock readers to buy a Danish pharma superstar since June 2010…

“Even today, with its diabetes ‘miracle drug’ posting a 191% sales surge in the latest quarter alone…

“And with company officials predicting blockbuster sales of $1 billion by December…

“It’s small beans compared to what may lie just ahead for us.

“You see, while almost no one was looking, a German-born scientist discovered ‘promising indications’ that this very same diabetes drug also triggers brain cell growth and protects memory formation!

“In fact, Alzheimer’s Research U.K. is so impressed that they awarded his team a £99,221 grant to further their research.”

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OK, so I could bore you with more of Louis’ blather — but, frankly, I’m likely to spit out so much of that myself that it seems unfair. So I’ll just take that abundant pile of clues, puree them nicely, pour ’em right into the Thinkolator, five minutes of processing and out the other side comes a delightful Jell-o mold of …

Novo Nordisk (NVO for the US ADR, the home trading is done in Copenhagen at NOVO, but the ADR is huge and liquid for this mega-cap company)

Yes, this is a “blue chip” company, per the focus of Navellier’s newsletter — it’s a $70 billion market cap global healthcare colossus that happens to be headquartered in Denmark.

And it’s not just that Novo Nordisk has a diabetes “Miracle Cure” (that’s arguable — there are a lot of competing products), but they are really