Louis Navellier’s “Glitch”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 4, 2008

Just a quick note for those of you who might be getting inundated with Louis Navellier’s latest email barrage — this time, he’s telling us that we have just a few more hours to take advantage of the special sale he’s offering on Blue Chip Growth, one of his newsletters.

What’s the special hook? Apparently there was a special mailing that went out to alert folks to this sale, but due to a “glitch” with his IT folks over the Labor Day holiday Louis is afraid some of his readers didn’t get it.

The cynics among us will quickly guess what the glitch was: Not enough people signed up for the newsletter, a horrible glitch indeed. Secondarily, the terrible glitch was that people were on vacation, so they didn’t read their email from him. Awful.

I can verify that the same glitch has impacted StockGumshoe.com … so if you want to sign up for the free email subscription, or just register for the site and share your delightful comments, I’ll let you do so at the special, low low price of free free free until midnight tonight!

OK, so you can sign up tomorrow, too. Or the next day, if you want. Heck, wait until next week if you prefer. Or don’t register at all, and just come wandering back to read when you feel like it.

By the way, I looked back through my email archives: Louis (among others) has tried this exact same fishing strategy several times before, I just finished re-reading virtually identical emails from both President’s Day and the Fourth of July … so if he’s got a technical glitch and has bought the only servers that take vacations, well, I really do feel sorry for the guy. But doubt creeps in.

Hope you’re all doing well, and that the switchover to my new Daily Update email system has not caused you to become overwhelmed with Gumshoe goodness while the kinks are worked out (or worse, cut off — the horror!). Seems to all be working now, so hopefully you’ll all be successfully getting your emails once a day from now on, each one bursting at the seams with wit, wisdom, and investment ideas.

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