More of those “Bulletproof Stocks to Buy Now”

Catching up on the rest of Louis Navellier's teased growth stocks

Yesterday we looked at Louis Navellier’s pitch about his “bulletproof” stocks to buy — mostly pretty reasonable growth stocks that are priced like growth stocks, but not the crazy hyper-momentum valuations that scare people. Today I thought we’d take a quick moment to ID a couple of the other ideas in his ad.

The big picture stuff in his pitch is pretty reasonable and optimistic — and he thinks it will be a good year for the stocks he’s pitching (of course), here’s the bold-face bit:

“In fact, all of my analysis, all of my indicators and all of my 30 years of hard-won experience tells me that 2015 will be another fantastic year to make money.

“The bull market will continue. BUT it won’t be the same kind of broad market rally we’ve seen the last few years. That rising tide lifted all boats—including a lot of weak stocks that have no business trading at the levels they are today”

Why so optimistic? The same reasons other