Researching Navellier’s “Place an informed “bet” on this 5G “Smart Antenna” technology right NOW” Teaser Pitch

What does Louis Navellier's fancy Porsche have to do with 5G and a special super-antenna?

Or, I mean, what stock is he teasing these days as the "King of 5G 'Turbo Button' Technology?"

The latest ad from Louis Navellier for his Growth Investor newsletter is a doozy… full of images of Louis Navellier driving his midlife crisis Porsche supercar around and showing off the red “turbo” button, with that serving as a “you’re too dumb to get it otherwise” metaphor for the tremendous potential of 5G wireless. We first covered this teaser pitch on February 11, and it has not changed but it is in heavy rotation again so we’ve updated the article below to help answer some questions.

As well, of course, as providing the healthy dose of greed that drives all newsletter subscriptions — I’ve been scouring these ads for well over a decade now, and I have to say, when they resort to using images of sports cars, waterfront mansions, sailboats, and, in the worst cases, even trophy wives, well, that means they’ve run low on ideas and are just pressing the marketing buttons.

Though I imagine it still works — they keep mailing similar ads.

So what’s the “turbo boost” 5G idea that Navellier is peddling today? Here’s a bit from the ad, where he starts out by quoting himself:

“Just know that I’m telling all my loyal readers,

‘Whoever controls 5G will own the internet through 2025.’ — Louis Navellier”

And then once we’re past the photos of the “red turbo boost button” in his Porsche, we move on to what he’s actually teasing — which is, of course, that new chips and technologies are going to be built into every phone and every mobile antenna to enable 5G, which itself will enable all kinds of super-fast stuff like rapid video downloads, remote surgery, self-driving cars, etc.

Really, if you’ve been reading your emails over the past two years you’ve certainly seen all that big picture stuff already — yes, 5G will be a big game-changer, just like 4G was (remember, before 4G really got fully into gear seven or eight years ago, you couldn’t even count on mobile video working at all.

More from the ad:

“I had my engineers rip the cover off to peek at what’s powering it.

“Sure enough, they discovered the SAME kind of ‘turbo button’ technology that makes my Porsche 918 go so blazing fast —

“Can be found under the hood here, too.”

Yeah, it’s not the same technology. Not at all. But, of course, we’re too dumb to understand, so we’ll just conclude “Faster is good. Turbo go faster. Turbo good.”

What’s this “turbo” technology, you ask?

“It’s actually a ‘smart antenna.’

“Without it, your new 5G phone won’t be able to reach supersonic data spee