Navellier’s Top Stocks — #1

by Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe | June 11, 2007 8:22 pm

Navellier has recently been sending around an email recommending Google, but that’s not much of a tease if he’s going to just go ahead and tell us to buy it. As a bonus, he gives hints about four of the stocks that are on his “top ten” list to buy now for Blue Chip Growth, which I guess is his flagship newsletter.

So what are they? I’ll cover them separately because I’m short on time. Today, we have …

Stock #1:

“If there is just one of my profit plays that you should add to your holdings, this should be it. Why? Because this company is destined to profit from one of the most powerful global trends I’ve seen in years. “

That would be the broadband boom — and Navellier thinks most Americans don’t realize we’re in a global broadband boom. Those would have to be some uninformed Americans, but I know a few of those so perhaps he’s correct.

“As you’ll learn in your report, our top recommendation is not only the fourth-largest phone company in the U.S. with tons of room to grow, but it also spans the globe with its high-capacity broadband fiber-optic network. “

He also mentions that UBS, Stifel Nicolaus, and CIBC have all upgraded their ratings on this one.

So … not a lot of clues, but they’re good ones: This company is undoubtedly ….

Qwest Communications (Q)

I think Cramer has been hootin’ and hollerin’ about this one of late, too — those brokerage firms all upgraded it since last Fall, and it’s pretty cheap so maybe there’s something there. I’m a little wary of all the cutthroat competition in this business, but they do have a global presence and their forward PE is only about 14.

The CEO quit today following a few other high-level retirements and departures, which appears to be the main reason that the stock was in free fall for a while. I have no idea why he quit, other than that he “wants to spend more time with his family” … but it sure looks like the stock market liked him … or, at least, dislikes his future absence. Folks are speculating that these departures might mean something big like an acquisition or takeover is on the way, with the best guess probably being that they’ll spend a lot of money acquiring someone. I suppose this drop of 8% or so today on this news could be a buying opportunity if you buy Navellier’s thesis and assume that the CEO thing is no big deal … your call, of course.

If you want to hold Navellier accountable for this recco, he said that “you better hurry … Once this company’s next earnings report comes in, you’re going to see its stock price take off. Get in now you before the rest of the world catches on to this trend and you could easily double your money in 2007.”

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    Jun 12 2007, 06:23:00 pm

    In his Quantum Growth, Navellier is promoting Goldman Sachs who will announce earning soon and “explode”

    He also hypes the following:

    This evening I have sent an urgent dispatch to Quantum Growth subscribers with instructions to buy, and buy with both hands these 5 Dominators:

    1. The grocery store that just snapped up Albertson’s 1,100 supermarkets, boosted its quarterly dividend and out-flanked Wal-Mart.

    2. The oil stock that just beat out all-comers for a big share of new business from Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s national oil company. It just hit a 52-week high and beat Wall Street’s earnings expectations by 86%.

    3. The fast-food chain, already up 52% in the last quarter, that’s growing sales by 10% every quarter!

    4. The clothier that just picked up all of Calvin Klein’s jeans business in Europe and Asia. Earnings just…wait for it…tripled.

    5. And the broker who is just about to spin off its wildly lucrative credit card business. This stock deserves to be up 50% by Labor Day—EVEN IF THE MARKET TANKS!

    Thought I’d pass these along for investigator to consider!!

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    Jun 12 2007, 08:50:00 pm

    His grocery dominator is obvious as well – it’s Supervalu, a modest but solid $9Billion company. Decent 8% sales growth, 6% EPS growth – it “just snapped up” Albertson’s ON JANUARY 23rd.

    SVU was about $36 then, it’s been about $46 since May. Big whoop

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    One Guy
    Jun 12 2007, 09:01:00 pm

    The broker is Morgan Stanley and the Calvin Klein one is Warnaco. I wrote up that MS tease last week, I think, after he sent out a specific email about it.

    Morgan Stanley has already moved a few percent and reports earnings next month, I don’t know much else about Warnaco.

    The oil stock and fast food chain I don’t know off the top of my head, but I’m sure they can be found.

    Thanks — and thanks to Curmudgeon for solving that grocery one quickly and, as is only appropriate, grumpily.


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    Apr 24 2008, 02:07:29 pm

    Just a small, wish I knew more, invester. I unfortunately have been bitten in the past by 1 of these “gurus’. Admittedly I was much younger.Some post their dismal track records. You are a light in the dark. Keep it up. Very enjoying.

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    Jul 22 2008, 03:33:52 pm

    The food chain is probably mcdonalds,(mcd)
    seems like a good investment, with the exception
    that everyone likes it right now.

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    David Hall
    Sep 13 2008, 05:28:47 pm

    Fifteeen months later… Nav and Kramer picked the perfect short candidate (too bad that wasn’t the intention), Qwest has fallen from a little over $10 at time of rec to under $4 now.

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