“The Almost Perfect Stock” (Blue Chip Growth)

Sniffing out Louis Navellier's cloud computing pick -- he says "Grab it now before it takes off again"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 8, 2012

This is not the first time a teaser stock idea has been pitched to us as “perfect” or “almost perfect,” of course, but using such definitive terms always catches my attention.

(Yet another weakness of your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe, I can’t resist the pursuit of perfection.)

And as he’s done several times before, this time it’s Navellier pitching a “perfect” stock as he tries to get you to subscribe to his Blue Chip Growth newsletter …

… so what makes it “perfect?”

“Imagine… a technology company whose product you don’t install, that reduces business costs by billions a year and that end users can access with the click of the mouse.

“… a company whose revenues jumped 27% and whose earnings soared 59% over last year—ALL while handing investors nearly 20% gains since January.

“That’s double the performance of the S&P 500—all from this remarkable blue chip stock.

“Yet 99 out of 100 investors have never heard of it and it’s transforming the computing world just as Microsoft and Intel did before it.

“Here’s the full story why I’m issuing a buy for this stock at today’s prices.”

Well, dammit, that’s actually sounding extremely familiar — I think he might have used just this same language a couple years ago. Let’s sniff out a few more of the details to see if he’s still pitching the same stock as “perfect.”

“The biggest flaw our research has uncovered with this software company is that few people know it or have heard of it—yet millions of users are using this application every single time they log on to the Internet.

“How can this be?

“Because this company’s breakthrough technology works behind the scenes on the Internet. As a result, end users like you and me don’t need to buy or install it.

“We use it ‘on the go’ with a few clicks of a mouse, no differently from using Yahoo mail, Google mail, YouTube, Facebook, Paypal, eBay and the like.

“The multibillion-dollar businesses that are employing this company’s technology are making out like bandits by not only reducing their customers’ software and hardware costs but also by delivering better service as well.

“That’s why nearly all major corporations are using this technology including…

  • 100% of the Fortune 100
  • 98% of the Fortune (that’s 491 out of 500)
  • 96% of the Fortune (that’s 995 out of 1000)”

And there are a few more clues and enticements that we can lift from Navellier’s teaser:

“This One Stock Could Make You 50% Richer If You Buy At Today’s Prices

“Please add it to your holdings now.

“Here’s why:

“The global slowdown has forced all companies to get lean and mean—trading workers for technology—and cloud computing offers one of the best ways a company can cut costs and improve productivity.

“In fact, according to Information Week, spending on cloud computing will absorb 40% of corporate IT budgets, jumping to 70% in the next three years.