Will “Trump’s 5G Lockdown” benefit “the FIRST 5G ‘Turbo Stock'” Navellier Recommends?

Latest Navellier Growth Investor ad says "Our Expert Reveals ONE Under-the-Radar 5G Company That Is Storming to an Early Lead in this $12.3 Trillion Opportunity." So who is it?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 10, 2020

The latest ad from Louis Navellier for his Growth Investor newsletter is a doozy… they’ve dropped the silly video of Louis with his fancy Porsche and replaced it with a “Trump wants to secure super-fast 5G” headline, but they’ve kept the red “turbo” button imagery from Navellier’s supercar, with that serving as a “you’re too dumb to get it otherwise” metaphor for the tremendous potential of 5G wireless.

We first covered the earlier version of this teaser pitch on February 11, and it has not changed much when it comes to the meat of the “presentation”… but it is in heavy rotation and, interestingly enough, though they continue to offer up their “special report” about the “King of 5G ‘Turbo Button’ Technology,” they have swapped out the “star of the show” — they are using essentially the same ad to tease an entirely different company, so we want to figure out what that might be.

So what’s the “turbo boost” 5G idea that Navellier is peddling today? Here’s a bit from the ad, where he starts out by quoting himself:

“Just know that I’m telling all my loyal readers,

‘Whoever controls 5G will own the internet through 2025.’ — Louis Navellier”

And then once we’re past the photos of the “red turbo boost button” in his Porsche, we move on to what he’s actually teasing — which is, of course, that new chips and technologies are going to be built into every phone and every mobile antenna to enable 5G, which itself will enable all kinds of super-fast stuff like rapid video downloads, remote surgery, self-driving cars, etc.

Really, if you’ve been reading your emails over the past few years you’ve certainly seen all that big picture stuff already — yes, 5G will be a big game-changer, just like 4G was (remember, before 4G really got fully into gear seven or eight years ago, you couldn’t even count on mobile video working at all.

More from the ad:

“I had my engineers rip the cover off to peek at what’s powering it.

“Sure enough, they discovered the SAME kind of ‘turbo button’ technology that makes my Porsche 918 go so blazing fast —

“Can be found under the hood here, too.”

Yeah, it’s not the same technology. Not at all. But, of course, we’re too dumb to understand, so we’ll just conclude “Faster is good. Turbo go faster. Turbo good.”

What’s this “turbo” technology, you ask?

“It’s actually a ‘smart antenna.’

“Without it, your new 5G phone won’t be able to reach supersonic data speeds… Up to 1,000 times faster than what’s available today.”

Navellier does, interestingly enough, put in a rational forecast — unlike the folks who are promising that everyone on earth will have a 5G phone by March, he says this about the rollout:

“Cisco’s CEO Chuck Robbins put a number on it when he told Fox News last October…
‘5G will become reality within 3 years’

“I agree.

“A phased rollout will begin in 2020… with 5G dominating the market by 2023.

“If I could give you just one piece of advice, here it is…

“Get invested now, while close to 100% of the massive profit pie is still available.”

That makes sense, 5G is exciting but the rollout will take a long time to get to where it’s available in most of the US, most of the time… and, of course, we’ve got plenty of marketing talk around 5G that makes the rollout even more confusing (AT&T has its “5G Evolution” that’s faster but not really 5G, T-Mobile has something they call 5G that’s apparently “nationwide,” but it’s not the super-fast millimeter wave 5G, and “nationwide” means close to half of Americans are covered).

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So what’s the stock behind this “turbo boost?” Is this just a strange speed metaphor, or do the photos of chips he includes actually have a specific connection to a stock? Let’s check out more clues…

“With 5G, you might be expecting me to recommend the stock of a leading mobile carrier like Verizon or Sprint…

“Or a leading handset provider like Samsung or Apple.

“But you’d be wrong.

“You see, for any of these companies to hit blazing-fast, gigabit download speeds…

“Not only will it require millions of 5G ‘turbo buttons’ inside every smartphone, tablet and device out there…

“… just as important…

“Every single antenna, on every tower across America, will need the same turbo technology built in, too.”

OK, so that still seems like he’s pointing at a chipmaker… though the images he provides from a phone teardown and the photo of a little “antenna” on a human finger (for scale) are not of the same kind of chip, and there are dozens of different chips inside each new phone that will be required to enable 5G upgrades… so maybe this is just still metaphorical.

There’s a bit more about beamforming, the important technology that lets frail and fragile 5G signals get past big, tough obstacles like corners or leaves.

“While a regular 4G antenna can transmit to your smartphone up to 45 miles away…

“5G smart antennas need to be placed every 500 to 1,000 feet to allow for blanket coverage.

“Companies and industries have been working hard to overcome this hurdle.

“And ‘beamforming’ is the answer.

“Think of it as a traffic-signaling system in which smart antennas identify the most efficient data-delivery route to each user…

“And reduce interference in the process.”

That doesn’t narrow it down all that much, nobody owns the “technology” of beamforming, as far as I can tell, though every millimeter wave 5G installation will presumably use it.

He also throws Huawei into the mix, since that changed things for US-focused technology providers and gave some of them a leg up on the most competitive equipment maker…

“… the #1 player in the 5G competition just got ejected from the game.

“Which makes it even MORE urgent that you get a chance to reach out and grab a slice of a little-known company based right here in America….

“Here’s the FIRST 5G ‘Turbo Stock’ I’d Recommend Anybody Buy…. RIGHT NOW!”

And then things start to diverge from what Navellier was teasing in the first half of this year… back when I last covered his teaser pitch about the “king of turbo button technology,” he dropped hints about how this company had only been in existence for five years, was working with all the top 25 technology companies, and enabled the mobile industry to “fast track” 5G. That was all pointing at Keysight (KEYS), a company he had been teasing for a year or so (and which I currently own).

Now, however these are the new and very different clues, slotted into an ad that is otherwise functionally identical to the older one:

“One American company has jumped out to an early lead — and is in the perfect spot now that the profits are beginning to roll in.

“I call this company The King of 5G ‘Turbo Button’ Technology.

“All without manufacturing a single smartphone… tower… or smart antenna.

“Instead, its unique “turbo button technology” is getting built into all those things.”

That’s word-for-word the same as the old ad, but now we get the different bit:

“They’re making a big push to enable 5G communications from multiple angles…

“Advanced semiconductor manufacturing to power the latest ‘smart antenna’ technology

“Improving integrated circuit quality for applications like self-driving cars and security monitoring

“Developing advanced printed circuit boards (both wafer and panel) with finer linewidths, straight sidewall geometry and multiple layers required by new 5G-enabled devices.”

So that’s obviously an entirely different kettle of fish — this is some kind of semiconductor company. What other clues do we get?

“It is reported they control over 50% of the revenues in chip-testing tools.

“That dominant market position can help amplify the stock price movement as we head into clearer waters in 2020.

“Check out