“Solar Power AND Water … and a Small Cap … in One!”

The bad news: I regret to inform you that you missed your “last and final opportunity to join Bottarelli Research Small Cap.” They sent out a special teaser email giving a “unique opportunity” for new subscribers at the end of last week, but it was only good for eight hours.

The good news: thanks in part to an intrepid reader who goes by the name FTGambit on the Gumshoe Forum, we can let you know the company they were teasing …

… so I hope that helps to ease your pain.

What were you missing? The chance to subscribe to Bottarelli’s Small Cap service, which they say they’re limiting to 500 people, for $1,750 a year.

And what are you gaining? The name of a small cap company that’s involved in solar power and water.

Or in their words, which are usually so much more fun:

“You’ll immediately have the opportunity to make 450%. You see, after the close of today’s trading, we’ll be issuing our newest small cap pick – and we’re calling this $0.91 stock one of those “must-own” companies about to take the next step in the water and solar industry.”

And … “we believe that solar power will be one of the biggest booms you have ever witnessed – and this $0.91 stock could hand you a bowel-shaking return – and soon.”

Bowel-shaking! I can’t make up adjectives like that. I love it!

The specific clues they give about this company?

They have installed:

“the world’s largest solar irrigation system”
“the largest community college photovoltaic system”
“the largest water treatment photovoltaic system”
“the world’s largest agricultural photovoltaic electric system”

and “Their revenues are expected to double in 2007 – and they now have an unprecedented business pipeline of $200 million.”

So while I don’t know that I believe them that this is the last opportunity they’ll provide for you to plunk down that kind of money for a subscription … I do believe that the stock they’re recommending to their subscribers as of this weeekend is …

WorldWater and Solar Technologies, Inc. (WWAT.OB)

This little firm trades OTC, but it’s not super tiny — market cap is well over $100 million. The company just recently changed it’s name from WorldWater and Power, largely, it seems, to make sure that those in search of a hot solar investment might find them.

This is not a photovoltaic cell manufacturer like most other solar investments, but primarily is an engineering firm that develops new uses or applications for solar power, particular in the water field but also in energy, and builds products based on those new applications and techniques. They are not profitable, but they have indeed done some big projects — like the community college mentioned above (which happense to be Cerro Coso, in CA, and it went in about three years ago), and some big irrigation projects in California for farms and wineries. They also have a portable solar water purification and pumping device that they perfected after using something similar in the post-Katrina relief effort.

So, they’ve got some projects under their belt … and they’ve got some technologies and patents that might be significant, if you want to look into those in more detail. Their primary claim to fa