“Illegal for Every American Investor – UNTIL NOW”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 14, 2008

This ad comes in from the good folks at Breakaway Investor, which has jettisoned its old editor and is now run by Christian DeHaemer. Breakaway Investor under Andrew Mickey was extremely active in the teaser game, sending out email ads very aggressively, and it appears that’s not likely to change.

Here’s the intro:

“As I write this note, several newspapers sit in front of me with headlines proclaiming that India, once the fastest growing economy in the world, is coming to a standstill.

“But that is simply not true. As you will soon see, there are pockets of hidden growth throughout India. Take automobiles, for example. With annual domestic sales of a little over 1.2 million, India is the world’s 10th largest car market and second fastest growing.”

So yes, this is all about investing in India. And the sales pitch comes with the good ‘ol guarantee that this stock will double:

“This super-safe $4.50 stock is the sleeping giant of India. Most U.S. investors think they can’t buy it, but they’re wrong.

“I guarantee it’ll post a triple-digit gain in 12 months… or your money back! (Over the next five years, you could see 10 times that amount… maybe more)”

Of course, the “guarantee” is that you’ll get back the money that you spent to subscribe to the newsletter, not any money you might have sunk into a bad investment (not that this one is necessarily bad).

So what is the company this time?

A few clues:

“You won’t find anything like this on the Dow, S&P or Nasdaq. In fact, Wall Street’s not even aware that this opportunity exists.

“What I’m about to share with you is a chance to own ‘the sleeping giant of India.’ Through a secret backdoor, you can own this stock for only $4.50 a share.”

Sound familiar? It might, if you’ve been treading the hallowed halls of Gumshoe University for the past year — this company has been heavily teased twice this year, at much higher prices (of course, almost every stock that has been touted by anyone at any time in the past year is now cheaper, no surprise there).

And actually, Christian DeHaemer is just recycling an old idea … and an old letter. He used an extremely similar ad about the “sleeping giant of India” in late March, a few weeks after Chris Mayer used a fairly similar argument about investing in the “Golden Quadrilateral.

And the “secret backdoor” bit is still quite misleading. The big argument in the ad is that there is a dominant company in India that has its fingers in every important pot … here’s an excerpt:

“… this company provides everything an emerging nation needs gas, oil, copper, cars, trucks, buses, steel, construction equipment, engineering, computer services, electric power, Internet, telecommunications, tourism, retail stores, food stores, food processing and more.

“Here’s what makes this company such a great investment:

“Its motors division is India’s only fully integrated automobile company – with a whopping 60% market share. Seven out