Agora’s “Best 13 Cents You Could Ever Spend” Stock

What's Ray Blanco's stock that should explode before December 12?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 1, 2013

Patrick Cox has mysteriously disappeared from Agora Financial’s publications, he’s no longer at the helm of the always-interesting Breakthrough Technology Alert … but that doesn’t mean this newsletter has disappeared. In fact, they’re sending out the latest florid pitch for their hot idea and not even discounting the price — under Cox most of the ads for this letter had “discount” prices of $600-800 or so, but this latest pitch is trying to sell us the newsletter for $2,000.

That’s a lot. Particularly in an era when the big publishers are all climbing all over themselves to bring in more and more readers at lower and lower prices, getting entry level folks at $29, $39 or $99. This isn’t an “entry level” newsletter, of course (for that they have Technology Profits Confidential, also edited by Ray Blanco), but that’s still a steep price.

The basic idea of these “upgrade” newsletters that are priced at over a thousand dollars a year is that the stocks or options they trade are less liquid, and more risky, so they need to keep the readership low to make sure they don’t dramatically impact the price and can get their subscribers in and out of trades (and, the cynic will say, make sure they’re only getting people who can afford to lose money). And that is the case with Breakthrough Technology Alert, which presumably is still looking at the same kinds of stocks as it was during Cox’s reign — little tiny biotech and technology stocks that have earth-shaking ideas and breakthroughs, but not usually any mundane stuff like cash, or profits, or usually even much in the way of revenue. This is the world of big ideas and big risks.

So what’s Ray Blanco teasing now? Here’s a taste:

“The best 13 cents you could ever spend…

“The inside story of how – starting this December 12th – a tiny technology company could deliver gains that most people only dream about….

“If you have the courage to act on what you’ll discover here today, you could grow rich in the process.

“Shares of this leading tech firm trade for just 13 cents each. That means you could pick up more than 2,700 shares for as little as just $325.

“So unlike investing in the big blue chips, this breakout doesn’t take a fortune to get started.

“If their technology works out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a starting stake triple. Or even rise 10-fold.”

So … who wouldn’t want to know about that stock, right? Well, I can’t promise that I’ll give you the full lowdown on it … but we’ll look at the clues and tell you the name and ticker, at least, and then you can figure out for yourself whether or not it’s right for you and your money. Fair enough? Oh, and I won’t charge you $2,000.

Do we get some more clues about this company? Sure we do … how else could they convince you it’s real enough to cough up that kind of money? Here’s what the ad says:

“Their technology is a scientific breakthrough. Its accuracy was audited by the Department of Defense late last year.

“The DOD’s findings?

“According to the government’s own report:

“This technology worked 100% of the time.”

OK, so w