“America’s Next 79,900% Growth Sector” teased by Breakthrough Technology Alert

Ray Blanco says "the investing public is just days away from discovering… the birth of a brand new high-tech sector that’s set to grow 32X over the next 4 months"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 30, 2016

This is a story I’ve written a few times this year, but the questions keep rolling in and the ad keeps getting changed (and, frankly, it seems to me that the ad has been made more aggressive)… so we’re covering it again.

And it might be that writing about it again today and calling yet more attention to the stock goes against my personal interests (more on that in a moment), but that’s OK — we’re on a mission here to declaw the teaser ads and help people think for themselves.

The pitch is from Ray Blanco for Agora’s Breakthrough Technology Alert — the letter is helmed these days by Stephen Petranek and Gerald Calente, but Blanco is the “technology analyst” at Agora. And in exchange for your $2,000 subscription, he’s got a fascinating story to tell about a tiny little stock that’s going to skyrocket when a deal with Apple is announced.

Sound familiar? Yes, he has told the same story several times this year — it must work really well to bring in new subscribers, because we’ve seen this ad and written about it a couple times. Is it true? Maybe, you can be the judge of that… but I’m betting the other way personally.

The story starts with Blanco at Apple HQ…

“A few short days from now, the company whose headquarters I’m visiting…

“(The same company that made my phone—and probably yours, too…)

“Is expected to reveal its newest, most top-secret project to the world.

“And when it does, you can bet the usual fanfare will be quick to follow.

“The breathless commentary from industry commentators…

“The hordes of eager consumers, lined up around the block to get the latest toy….

“I’m not sitting here in the lobby of Apple, Inc., sipping on my second cup of coffee, to find out what “most” people already know.

“Instead, I’m here to confirm something infinitely more valuable….

“Over the last year, I’ve obsessively researched what I believe to be the biggest technological innovation of the last 117 years…

“Waiting for the day when a ‘big break’ takes this technology from two labs in California…

“To millions of living rooms around the country.

“And if my research is correct…

“(And I’m almost certain it is…)

“You’re days away from being filthy rich”

No mincing words there, eh? So what’s he talking about?

“… on September 7th, in a packed auditorium just a few miles from here, that ‘big break’ will finally take place….

“Investors who took the time to see where the real story…and the real opportunity…really was…. Will walk away a staggering 79,900% richer.”

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So what is that San Jose “start up” company that Blanco says will hit their “payday” on September 7? It is, of course, Energous (WATT) — but you probably already guessed that.

And yes, the big argument in the ad is that the announcement from Apple on September 7 will send the shares soaring. Here’s more from the ad:


“On September 7th, the CEO of Apple could send this fiercely innovative company from total obscurity
to the 7 o’clock news”

Why is that? Well, the implication is going to be that Tim Cook (that’s Apple’s CEO) will, when announcing th