“Biggest Story Since the Gutenberg Printing Press” (Patrick Cox)

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 30, 2011

Today we’re digging into a teaser ad that mentions several little companies, most of which appear to be in biotech … and which is so terribly urgent that they have to “this presentation from the Internet at 5pm Thursday, March 31st.” So, golly gee, we’ve only got one more day! Quick!

The promise will sound familiar to most of you who’ve been taking off your shoes to be screened for Gumshoe Airlines over the past few years — it’s from Patrick Cox for his Breakthrough Technology Report, which aims to identify technologies that are, well, breakthroughs, and to pick the stocks that make these discoveries or advancements well before the market catches on.

The risk, of course, is that most of these stocks — biotechs or tech startups, in the main — are junk, and will never get to the point of actually selling a product or making a profit. So we’re left to trust in Cox to find the best of them, and to keep an eagle eye. On the positive side, though, portfolios of these kinds of stocks can be more than 90% failures and still do well if they pick just one or two of the stocks that are really legitimate breakthroughs — the next Google, or Amgen, or whatever lofty goal you’d like to choose … this is one of the few sectors, along with mining, where the value of a company can really change by a thousand percent in a year.

Which is, of course, why our lusty lizard brains respond to the promise — get rich while changing the world, and without doing any work? Man, that sounds pretty good.

Cox’s teaser this time around is built around the promise that this is the “biggest story since the Gutenberg printing press” … innovation that truly changed the world. We’ve seen Gutenberg in teasers before, most recently when “Mainz Income” was pitched as a way to benefit from the kind of royalties that were made possible by the printing press (that one was a bit of a stretch, comparing natural gas royalties to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton’s book royalties … but still). And yes, Mainz is where Gutenberg was born, and where you’ll find the Gutenberg Museum if you’re so inclined.

But Cox isn’t talking about anything directly related to the printing press — instead, he’s teasing technologies that he thinks will give the world their “printing press moment.” Here’s the basic premise:

“The work of these companies could impact human lives to a greater degree than the printing press did at the dawn of the Renaissance.

“Now, some of these companies have a long way to go. That’s true. Others have work that’s closer to market. Some may view these tiny firms as risky.

“But if just one company pans out, fast movers could see huge gains. Possibly over 8,000% for just one company, if the success of businesses in similar fields is any indicator.

“Now imagine the gains if all SEVEN of these companies pan out.

“If I had to estimate long term gain potential from these seven companies – I’d put it at 60,000% total gains. Shocking, yes.

“But possible.

“After all – if you’d gotten in on Merck alone in 1970, you could have made up to 17,350% in the 30 years Merck was peaking.

“And as you’ll see, the work these seven tiny companies are pursui