“Miracle Made Real” as “Superman Flies Again”

What are Aaron Gentzler and Ray Blanco pitching for Breakthrough Technology Alert?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 21, 2016

The latest pitch from Breakthrough Technology Alert, the high-priced tech “upgrade” newsletter from Agora Financial, is certainly over the top… this is how it opens:

“Witness a Miracle Made Real

“A shocking, exclusive video below reveals the most urgent market story of your lifetime.

“Your fast action today could kick off lasting generations of wealth for your family.

“Think about your future. Consider your goals. Your family cannot afford for you to miss this.”

The “Miracle Made Real” is certainly real enough, that part is about the increasing promise of treatments for spinal cord injury… the increasing potential that some spinal cord injuries and paralysis can be reversed, which might, possibly, have let actor Christopher Reeve, who is best known for portraying the Man of Steel in a few Superman movies, “fly” again.

But the “kick off lasting generations of wealth for your family” bit is probably best consigned to the compost heap — that’s just a way to get you to trigger those greed receptors in your brain, which are prone to overexcitement that leads to going “all in” at the poker table or betting too big on a wildly risky stock (or a newsletter that’s way too expensive for your portfolio). Get those juices flowing, the ad copywriter knows, and the reader will be much less worried about the details… partly because they’re already imagining that new Mercedes in the driveway or the “paid in full” invoice from their beloved chid’s Ivy League university.

That kind of promise has been used by this same newsletter many times in the past — comparing the opportunity before you to the opportunities the first investors had in the railroads or in Microsoft stock or whatever. We’ll see if this is the same kind of stock, then perhaps we’ll look back and see how the prior promises have worked out so far.

The big sell is clearly the videos of these patients who’ve benefitted from “miraculous” cures, heres a bit of the description from the ad:

“ALL of the patients who’ve received this experimental surgery in the past few months have seen the impossible come true thanks to the breakthrough I’ll reveal to you here today…”

Here are some the details from one of those patient examples, the person they call Kevin Douglass:

“In March of this year he was in a fateful car accident in California.

“One second he’s driving…the next second he can’t move his hands or legs… completely paralyzed from the neck down….

“His transformation following the surgery left everyone speechless…

“Kevin began to show signs of improvement barely a few weeks after the surgery.

“Fast forward five months and not only can he move his arms, but he’s lifting weights.

“What you’re witnessing was simply beyond anyone’s imaginations.

“To see Kevin raise one arm would have been considered a miracle.

“But to see him raise two arms over his head and lift weights several times all by himself is simply mind-blowing.”

And apparently this surgery and technology, whatever it is, is not just limited to spinal cord injuries:

“… the technology behind the treatment that’s changed these two men’s lives could soon help people with all sorts of diseases, ailments and medical conditions.”

The story is really about regenerative medicine, and newsletter publisher Aaron Gentzler (who I last heard of when he was pitching rare stamps for a different publication) builds up the person behind this investment as “the Man Whose Work Could Deliver You Wealth That Lasts for Generations” and puts him on a pedestal alongside Henry Ford and Steve Jobs as “life changing visionaries”…

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