“Next Printing Press” Part Two, Five Breakthrough Companies teased by Patrick Cox

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 31, 2011

Well, yesterday we went through the first two picks that Patrick Cox is teasing as his “7 breakthrough companies” that will bring us our next “printing press moment” and change the world (while inflating your wallet). If you want to catch up with the rest of the group, that article is here.

So let’s move on to the next five, shall we? We’ll do this rapid-fire style, partly because I have very little expertise in this sector … and partly because I want to have time to get through all of them for you.

Clues, please?

“The third company I reveal in The Next Printing Press: Revolutionary Gains from 7 Tiny Breakthrough Companies just received the go-ahead from the FDA for Phase III tests of a colorectal cancer treatment.

“This company also focuses on diseases like liver cancer….

“This company’s drug targets a certain type of “receptors in cancer cells. It attacks the cancer via these special receptors, and shows promise to shut the cancer down….

“This hidden little company has research agreements with Mount Sinai School of Medicine to test their treatments.

“So while it only trades for a little over $1.00 a share today, this company is getting ready for the next step.

“The next step is more tests. More positive results. And hopefully a Merck-style run-up that makes the earliest investors richer than they ever dreamed.”

So, hoodat? Limited clues, I suppose — but the mighty, mighty Thinkolator is (you guessed it) mighty indeed … so that’s enough for us to tell you that this is very likely …

Pro-Pharmaceuticals (PRWP, trades over the counter)

PRWP has been over a buck for most of the year, after getting “positive feedback” on their phase III trial design from the FDA back on January 10. That drug is called Davanat, and that’s all I know about it other than the tidbit from the press release, which is that this is based on their platform of “Galectin targeting therapeutic compounds” (their liver cancer idea is also based on this, apparently, and that’s the one on which they’re collaborating with Mt. Sinai — preclinical, which means no human tests yet and many years from a potential product). Yeah, I don’t know what Galectins are, either.

So they have a go-ahead from the FDA, sort of — the way I read it, they basically got preapproval for their submission of the clinical trial protocol and folks seem to think that since they got this positive feedback the protocol will be approved when they officially submit it. I don’t know when that will be.

They say that they have enough cash to meet their operating obligations until mid-2012, about $8 million, though they will certainly need to raise more money by then (at least) and I’d be surprised if that cash on hand is enough to also get the phase III trial cooking, since Phase III trials tend to be large and long-lasting and cost a bucketload of cash — as with any little pharma stock like this (market cap well under $100 million), my assumption is that once some efficacy is proven to get the big drug companies excited, they’d partner the drug to get to the next stage of development, but I don’t know if that will be their specific strategy. And given their specific wording in the last report, I don’t know if paying for the Phase III trial is an “obligation” of the company before the middle of next year.

PRWP positions itself as a “platform” company in developing all kinds of treatments based on their Galectin-targeting technology, but certainly the biggest driver of the stock in the near term is likely to be this lead candidate for colon cancer — with the first news, other than the possible start of the actual phase III trial, likely to come from Colombia, where the drug is partnered with someone who seems to be pushing it somewhat more aggressively.

So that seems to be number three — next!

“The fourth company I reveal in The Next Printing Press: Revolutionary Gains from 7 Tiny Breakthrough Companies hopes to some day stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks.
This company just received approval to begin Phase I trials.

“The most amazing part is – for the first time ever – researchers are working on a drug that treats the root causes of Alzheimer’s, not just the symptoms….”

This is probably Anavex Life Sciences again (AVXL, trades over the counter) — if he’s being precise about the “just received approval.” There are other treatments in the lab for Alzheimer’s, and other drugs in clinical trials — most of which end up being ineffective or dangerous, given the complexity and risks of the disease, and the fact that they’re working in the brain. But Anavex’s compound, based on what they call their “Sigmaceptor” technology, is one of the ones that does indeed target the disease itself, rather than help to ameliorate symptoms.

They have just begun screening patients for their Phase I trial, so things are finally moving — but it is, of course, very early days still, they say it has taken them ten years to get this drug