Solving Agora’s “Meet The Tiny Company Holding A Real Cure for Cancer” Tease

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 14, 2016

Ray Blanco is running another ad with a near-term deadline for big anticipated stock movements — last time around, it was the pitch about Energous (WATT) and his conviction that Apple CEO Tim Cook would say something exciting about wireless charging for iPhones at the WWDC this year (that was yesterday, and Cook did no such thing).

This time it’s a more typical “data is about to come out” pitch for a biotech stock. Blanco’s ad has us fixated on July 1 for this one… so, while we should remind ourselves that these near-term teased catalysts often have much more to do with the urgent need to get you to subscribe to a newsletter than with the real prospects of a particular company, we do still want to figure out what stock he’s talking about.

(Yes, newsletter pitches use a specific date for “possible” future gains all the time, sometimes even a made-up date — that’s not by accident, they know that potential subscribers who set an ad aside and try to think about it rationally are not so likely to subscribe, so they have to get you to click that buy button QUICK while they’ve got you excited… and what better way to speed you up than by telling you that the biggest gains for this particular stock will start within days so you have to GET IN NOW?)

But anyway, the hook for this spiel is kind of interesting, and it clearly caught the eye of a bunch of our readers, most of whom apparently don’t wish to cough up $2,000 to subscribe to Breakthrough Technology Alert) — here’s the part that got my attention:


“Clue for Cancer Cure Treatment Buried Inside 3,418 Year-Old Egyptian Tomb

“Scientists at Silicon Valley “Start Up” Already At Work to Synthesize This Treatment into New Drug…

“FDA Approval Could Happen Soon.

“The best time to get in is before July 1, 2016”

Really? A cancer cure hidden in an Egyptian Tomb?

I couldn’t be happier… I really miss the old “Indiana Jones” teasers about intrepid explorers finding incredible wealth, those used to come rolling in every day pitching the incredible exploits of the latest oil explorer or junior mining company, dodging bullets in a war zone as they dug deep in the earth to find riches… and that kind of swashbuckling storytelling is really missed. Even if it didn’t exactly make all of us regular investors rich, at least we were entertained.

And, yes, the “cure cancer” bit is good too. Nobody likes cancer.

So what’s the story? Well, they actually segue into that big attention-getting news item with the glioblastoma trials at Duke that showed so much promise last month — Blanco does not, of course, share all the details, but the quotes and results in the lead-in are from that story, which made it to 60 Minutes (that coverage is from last month, though 60 minutes also did a piece on it back in the Spring of 2015).

That was about a particular cancer immunotherapy trial, in which researchers at Duke used an altered