Starting Feb 5: “6 Events In 2010 Could Reshape Your Future”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 7, 2010

“6 Events In 2010 Could Reshape Your Future
“And Give You a One-Way Ticket to Unending Wealth…

“Today’s your ONE shot at the GOOD LIFE — the ultra-wealthy life — from 6 key events I predict for 2010.

“Many years from now, your family could remember your swift action today as the start of their unending wealth.

“Read on to see how the first event, on Feb. 5, 2010, could begin your incredible wealth.”

That’s how Patrick Cox opens the new ad for his Breakthrough Technology Alert — and it might sound a bit familiar. I’ve written about somewhat similar ads from him a couple times over the last year and a half or so, all of them pegged to some development in one of his targeted companies, and most of them teasing the same several stocks in the stem cell, regenerative medicine, and similar “breakthrough biotech” sectors.

But this ad is a little bit different, and it focuses on a different key stock, so I thought I’d give it a look.

The last couple times Patrick Cox sent out similar types of ads they were built around Michael West speeches and press releases — he’s the CEO of one of the stem cell companies and one of the real breakthrough scientists in stem cell research, and we’ve talked that one to death — you can see the most recent article about them here, from back in September, and it seems that’s probably still one of the favorite stock picks.

But today I want to look at the next headliner for the stem cell ads — the stock is already jumping like crazy, probably thanks almost entirely to this ad campaign, but it does indeed have a February 5 event upcoming. Here’s how Cox teases the idea of regenerative medicine:

“The Profit Revelation of a Generation: The Countdown to Friday, Feb. 5, 2010

“What you’re about to see is already happening. It can positively impact every life on the planet — and make a few folks like you unstoppably wealthy.

“Now here it is…

“Scientists are close to figuring out how to make the body heal itself.”

And then he gets into his first prediction, this February 5 event:

“THE IMPORTANT DETAILS: How Feb. 5, 2010 Could Change Lives and Fortunes Forever…

“My sources tell me that on Fri., Feb. 5, 2010 the chairman of the company behind much of this work will make an announcement for investors, the press, and market analysts…

“This chairman (who I’ll introduce to you in just a moment) will cover his firm’s ‘roadmap’ for 2010 and the years ahead. My sources report he has some amazing news to share…

“To put this ‘roadmap’ in context — it could prove to be on par with Albert Einstein telling his peers about The Theory of Relativity — months before he went public with it.

“I fully expect this company’s share price to rocket immediately after the call.

“But it gets better… because this chairman’s company is close to OFFERING THEIR WORK TO THE PUBLIC… possibly as early as 2010…

“You see, this company has a ‘toolbox’ of cure technology with limitless potential…

“It’s shocking just how many ailments stand to disappear due to this technology…

“Right now, for example, these researchers are working on a way to slow one of the leading causes of blindness.

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“When you consider the market cap of this company is less than $100 million — you have potential for AT LEAST 25x gains as the company rockets into history…

“And that’s a wildly conservative profit estimate…”

So that sounds good, right? But this company is apparently the target of not one, but two different February 5 breakthrough predictions … here’s the second one:

“2010 Prediction #2: Feb. 5, 2010 — News About the Age-Reversal Spray Ready to Make You Rich

“The same chairman giving the presentation on Feb. 5 will also reveal independent test results on a product of his that’s just about ready to hit the market.

“Right now, his company has a spray in a bottle that destroys wrinkles. It’s not makeup and it’s not simply a cosmetic fix.

“All you do is spray it regularly on and you’ll eventually look years younger — without ever leaving your home, without any surgery, without any injections. It’s fast and simple…

“I know folks (including the wife of a famous political figure) who have already secretly used this spray.

“The Miracle Cells Fueling Your Unending Wealth – Look at This Demonstration of
Just One Possible Use…

“Botox injections can run $1,000 or more and plastic surgery sometimes costs tens of thousands – but this amazing spray might sell for hundreds of dollars, and be a bargain.

“Now here’s the best part – what does it cost this amazing company to produce the spray? Pennies per unit. The margins will be astounding. The profits will change lives.

“Take a look at the results. (This data comes from independent tests just made public… Roll cursor over each image to see in larger detail.)

“The profits from this simple face spray alone could make millionaires from those who act on this tiny company NOW. Will you become one too? Today’s your chance…

“It gets better. This company also just hired the marketing firepower to help bring their first product to the public.

“This report, from just weeks ago, has the details — ‘[Name] has been a key corporate executive with responsibilities for marketing, R&D and sales at…Neutrogena, Colgate-Palmolive and Gillette…’

“If the mainstream press knew what was going on it would be on the cover of every magazine. Feb. 5, 2010 could very well be the day an epic profit windup begins — when this chairman I’m describing to you here makes his shocking presentation…”

OK, now the stuff about rebuilding the heart, and fighting disease … that’s nice, sure, but if you can get rid of wrinkles? Name your price, and don’t worry about health insurance reimbursement. Allergan has already proven that people are wiling to inject poison into their forehead, and pay through the nose for it, so I guess the sky’s the limit!

So who is this little sub-$100 million company that could be changing the world starting on February 5? I thought you’d never ask! This is …

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) — shares have been jumping like mad this week, up about 25% just yesterday, so yes, it could be that either folks are doing their own gumshoeing or Cox got a lot of enthusiastic new subscribers. This one has swung wildly over the past two years, roughly between 20 cents and $1.20, it’s getting close to 80 cents as I type. This crazy week puts it in an uptrend, according to the free trend analysis from MarketClub (click here to see it yourself).

ISCO is indeed planning to hold a webinar to discuss their 2010 plans on February 5 — they’ve posted that fact on their website, but haven’t yet released any details (and no, I don’t know who that top secret source is who told Cox it would be “amazing news.”) And this is indeed a teensy company (market cap around $40 million), and has at times been an extremely news-driven and hype-driven stock, so it could easily move one direction or another based on that webinar. Of course, it’s already jumped thanks to Patrick Cox, I imagine, and it may well jump because it’s getting attention in this space, too, so predicting a move in a teensy stock is not exactly a wild conjecture … it’s predicting which direction it will move next time that’s tougher.

And they really are planning a skin care line based on their parthenogenic stem cells — the person they hired to launch it is Raulee Marcus, who did indeed work at those companies teased. They announced the status of the “launch strategy” in December, including the following quote from the President of Lifeline Skin Care, the ISCO subsidiary that will be developing these products:

“Early indications are that the skin care product, developed through the efforts of the ISCO scientists who created Parthenogenic Stem Cells, has unique characteristics for skin rejuvenation. Our next step is to validate these findings through independent testing and execute our product launch “

They also sell cells and media through their Lifeline Cell Technology subsidiary, but the core business is “developing therapeutic products from parthenogenic stem cells,” they are currently most advanced in retinal therapies, and also focused on diabetes and liver diseases. But it will, of course, be a long long time before you’re getting your macular degeneration fixed with stem cells — they still have press releases out stating that they plan to do human trials on this in 2009, but as far as I can tell the only pre-clinical work on this during the past year was on animals, and specifically on using donated human corneal cells to improve the results of a more effective kind of laser eye surgery (they say the stem cells they’ve developed can do this too, but this test didn’t use their manufactured corneal cells). I imagine they’re trying to get approval to test this in humans and to use the manufactured (instead of donor) cells, but don’t know how far along they are.

ISCO is focused on one specific kind of technology, they develop parthenogenic stem cells, which means that they create stem cells using unfertilized human eggs — they argue that this type of stem cell eases problems with rejection from the immune system and that it eases the moral qualms brought on in some by the use of embryonic stem cells.

I don’t know if ISCO’s approach will end up being a dominant one in the stem cell space, but of course there are no really dominant companies in this space yet and the tiny pioneers needn’t dominate in order to eventually become profitable. The science is extraordinarily new still, I’d imagine that if you’re betting on stem cells and regenerative medicine you’re probably better off spreading your eggs into several different baskets — in addition to earlier speculation about some of Patrick Cox’s other picks in this space from September when he called a “Tipping Point, and, earlier, when a November 2008 announcement launched your “wealth legacy”, we’ve seen other teasers recently in the sector, too, including those for Geron and Cytori Therapeutics. I’m certainly no expert on the science and have not been an active stem cell investor, but I’m sure some of you out there are — feel free to share your wisdom with a comment below.

If the past is prologue, the specific dates like that February 5 webinar (or the press conferences and presentations he’s similarly teased in the past) aren’t quite as world-changing in themselves, or even as stock-changing, as the ads might make them sound … the world usually changes a bit slower than that, and there’s rarely a single tipping point. I wouldn’t argue against stem cells, or even against ISCO, but I’d hesitate to wager too much on a key date that serves as much as anything else (probably more) as a way to let the ad copywriters put some urgency behind their words.

And Cox teased a few other ideas based on those “six events in 2010,” too, I’ll look over those clues and try to share some other ideas with you next time. In the meantime, if you’ve subscribed to the Breakthrough Technology Alert, click here to review it for us and let us know what you thought — most of the reviews (only a few in at this point) have been positive so far, but subscriber Tor suggested something back in a September review that sounds suspiciously like wisdom: “After the hype of a newsletter, wait for the stock to return to a lower level before buying.”



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January 8, 2010 1:54 am

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Could you please help find what is the exact method to invest in this opportunity? Many thanks

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January 8, 2010 2:17 am

Could you find the option symbolin the U.S. to trade Chinese stock inedx?

Many thanks

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January 8, 2010 9:42 am

The stock ISCO will easily double by feb 5th get in ASAP. This is once in a lifetime oppurtunity i think.

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January 8, 2010 10:14 am