Two new Liquid Biopsy teases: “Free Shares” and “End the 8 Deadliest Diseases”

Solving the teasers from Shah Gilani and Stephen Petranek

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 16, 2015

Today we’ve got a two-fer — two different big publishers are teasing different “liquid biopsy” stocks, and I’m no expert on the technology or the prospects for this diagnostic “trend” that we’ve been hearing more about… so I’ll just sift the clues, identify the companies, and let you chatter about their merits amongst yourselves.

The first pitch that got sent our way is from Shah Gilani for his Capital Wave Forecast ($1,850 “on sale”), whose spiel hints at a stock that can “end the 8 deadliest diseases known to mankind” with a “painless, 5-minute treatment” that is “set to roll out in 246,000 doctors’ offices — and unleash $30 billion in new wealth.”

And the second is from Stephen Petranek for his Breakthrough Technology Alert ($1,000 “on sale”), who teases that this technology is “the key to defeating cancer” and that a “breakthrough California biotech company will soon distribute ‘free shares’ of valuable stock!”

Let’s go through them separately… we’ll start with Gilani’s Capital Wave Forecast pitch… here’s a taste of that ad:

“Right now, a new medical breakthrough is on the cusp of changing mankind forever.

“It’s a new, revolutionary way to attack the 8 deadliest diseases that afflict people over 55.

“I’m talking about devastating killers like colon and pancreatic cancer. Lymphoma and even lung cancer.

“The world’s top scientists are calling it the ‘Holy Grail’… the dawn of an ‘Enlightened Age’… worthy of a ‘ticker-tape parade in New York City.'”

Sounds delightful, right? Not that the promise is any different than pretty much every other “breakthrough” biotech stock idea that gets teased, but it’s nice to dream about the end of cancer. I don’t want to take too personal a stance here, but I also dislike cancer.

So what is this technology? It’s really a diagnostic tool, they refer to it as “liquid biopsy”, and the big goal is the diagnosis of cancer long before it’s showing obvious symptoms — something that would be a particular benefit, it is assumed, for diseases like lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, where patients may not have any symptoms until it’s almost too late to treat them.

“Liquid biopsy” means probably what you think it does — using a simple blood or urine sample to identify cancer (and even, in some cases, to enable “personalized medicine” and identify specific types of cancers or variations that are best fought with specific drugs), instead of a more invasive (and sometimes risky) needle biopsy or other test.

Here’s more from Gilani:

“This little-known breakthrough has reached its tipping point – a huge one – changing its current status as an ‘exclusive procedure’ in just a handful of locations around the world…

To one that some are referring to as a new Universal Treatment.

“Meaning you could soon simply ask for it in any of the 246,000 doctors’ offices and hospitals across the U.S. – making what’s about to unfold perhaps the fastest and biggest medical rollout in history.”

And that’s part of the pitch as well, that this “liquid biopsy” testing could spread to regular doctors’ office quickly and therefore spread diagnostic ability quickly, particularly for the areas of the country where oncologists are in short supply. That’s how Gilani builds up to that $30 billion number when talking about the market for these tests.

That seems like a pretty big stretch to me, but it’s not uncommon for newsletter pitches to turn what I think of as a gradual, maybe someday transition into a “this will all happen next year and make you rich” argument.

So which of the “liquid biopsy” diagnostics companies is Gilani pitching? Let’s check some of his more specific clues:

“… less than 12 weeks ago, it would have cost you upwards of $5,400 per treatment.

“But today, you can access these lifesaving benefits for as little as $299….

“Those who invest in this market early could watch their money multiply faster than rabbits – by 20, 40, even 50 times…

“As annual sales grow from just $100 million today to over $30 billion annually – a colossal jump of 29,900%.”

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