What’s Patrick Cox’s New Obesity-Fighting Teaser Drug Stock?

Sleuthifying out the answer to the "How to Build Lasting Wealth from a True Weight Loss Breakthrough" report teased by Breakthrough Technology Alert

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 2, 2012

Patrick Cox is not a shy guy. I don’t think I’ve ever read one of his biotech teaser ads that didn’t leave me convinced (at least for a moment) that the world was about to be changed because of the newest potion or pill that his favorite little companies were developing.

And this latest one is no different — for the first time in a while, he’s sidestepped the Star Scientific (CIGX) anatabloc story (though that’s still one of his teaser picks, later on in the same ad), and moved on to something that’s arguably even a bigger market than inflammation: obesity.

Or, in his words:

“Act before April 9th, and you could live longer, healthier and much richer.

“That’s because you could benefit directly from the biggest Baby Boomer story of them all…

“10,000 Baby Boomer Americans now reach retirement age each day. Over 45% are overweight or obese, according the CDC.

“Each year, that’s 1,620,000 more Americans. The numbers will only go up from here as more and more Baby Boomers reach retirement age.

“What I’ll show you today could someday help folks lose weight, get back the healthy hearts of their youth, and potentially live many years longer. This is a revolution.”

And it’s certainly true: we’re fat. And it makes us sick. And if there’s someone who can make us less fat without forcing us to give up McDonald’s and sitting at our desks for 60 hours a week and watching 120 hours of television a month, well, it will find a ready and willing market. Heck, the gummint might even sneak it into our drinking water.

So what is it that Cox has discovered that helps with obesity? And how will it make us rich? Let’s sample a bit more from the ad to get a few clues for the Thinkolator …

“… every idea in weight loss history – in one way or another – targeted the brain. What I’ll reveal to you today targets a major type of fat cell directly. And destroys them. So this is new.

“If you read The Wall Street Journal, you were among the first to hear about this work. It had the first scoop on this science years ago.

“As the work rushes forward, Reuters has called this advance ‘potentially groundbreaking.’ Fox News said subjects saw ‘their waistlines shrink in just weeks.’ Time Magazine reported obese test subjects lost ‘11% of their bodyweight in just a month.’”

OK, so it’s a new way of going after fat — sounds interesting. He goes into a few more pages of detail to make clear to us that this compound doesn’t mess with the brain or try to suppress appetite like so many other failed drugs before it, like Fen Phen, but it goes after the fat cells themselves.

And apparently, this compound is actually undergoing clinical trials now — here’s the impetus to BUY RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND …

“In the first week of January 2012, the FDA gave approval for the company behind this brand new weight loss research to begin Phase I clinical trials.

“Phase I, as you know, is for safety tests in human patients. Phase II is efficacy, proving if a new drug actually works in humans.

“Dendreon and their prostate cancer drug Provenge is a great example of the possible fortunes this company could deliver. As test data piled up, the share price shot from around $3.50 to nearly $60 in a little over a year.

“In the case of this weight loss breakthrough, the results of the pre-clinical tests on mice and monkeys are so encouraging that I expect a share price breakthrough of epic proportions if this new drug does well in Phase I. This news could come rolling in soon…”

And the last real clue is that this breakthrough came out of a University in Texas — here’s a spiel about the actual science:

“This leads me to revolutionary work going on right now at a major university hospital in Texas.

“I can’t mention the name, but you’d certainly recognize the school.

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