Quadruple Digit Gains from “End of Bitcoin?”

What's Christian DeHaemer's Bull and Bust Report teasing as the June 16 "End of Bitcoin" announcement and a 6,600% (or 10,000%) winner from that news?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 28, 2021

Today, thanks to popular demand, we’re digging into a new teaser pitch from Christian DeHaemer’s Bull & Bust Report ($99/yr) — most of the pitch is really about how the government is going to “ban” Bitcoin starting on June 16, but the bigger picture spiel is about what that means for blockchain… and for the companies who enable it. Ready?

This is the headline that a lot of readers reacted to:

“WARNING: Shocking June 16 Announcement Could Spell the END OF BITCOIN

“And create a new chance for quadruple-digit gains that could turn every $1,000 into as much as $94,840… (Without ever owning a single cryptocurrency).”

PANIC PANIC PANIC! Oh, wait, it’s OK, it’s an ad. We can handle this. What’s the story? Here’s some more