“A Triple in Steam” Megashift Profits

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 24, 2009

InvestorPlace is certainly helping Nancy Zambell push the marketing message pretty hard for her new Buried Treasure Under $10 newsletter — who knows, if they keep this up we might be hearing as much from Nancy as we do from fellow InvestorPlace newsletter editors Louis Navellier, Robert Hsu and Tobin Smith.

More power to her — I have no idea whether or not her strategies are going to be helpful, but I like the fact that she keeps pushing this idea that “Gumshoe Investing Works!” in her ads. Anyone who uses that most delightful word in the English language so often can’t be all bad, right? Your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe might be a bit biased here.

But that doesn’t mean Zambell gets a free pass — she claimed some ridiculous returns in the last ad we saw, which I told you was probably a teaser for a microcap South Carolina pipe company (she’s still pushing this “stimulus beneficiary” company, all the details are here if you missed the first article), and she’s making some pretty florid claims today about a stock that she says should triple.

And it appears that I need to officially petition Congress to make this “geothermal week”, because this is the second geothermal teaser ad in a row to get the good ‘ol Gumshoe treatment.

Nancy starts of big in the ad — I can’t do this justice without sharing it all, so here’s a taste:

“There’s a social megashift going on, and your broker, your advisor and the bobbleheads on TV don’t get it.

“There’s phony change, and then there’s real change.

“Phony change is when US Airways paints their planes grey and says they’re really getting serious.

“Phony change is when BP makes their logo look like a darned sunflower and tells us they’re here to save the planet.

“Phony change is when the 500th solar panel company floats a massive IPO—and vanishes into the smog.

“There’s phony and there’s real, and if you know the difference, now’s the time to clean up. I’m Nancy Zambell, and I can help.”

Good stuff, right? But we’ve got to work a little harder to set up the straw man if we want to argue that we’re facing a “hurricane in consumer values:”

“You want a Coke, a Band-Aid, a Kleenex or Smart Money’s Jim Cramer?

“How yesterday.

“It’s not just that Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Jim Cramer and other “staples,” other icons, face tough times.

“They find themselves on the wrong side of a revolution.

“They are emblems of the past.”

Just can’t help but throw in a dig at Jim Cramer there, eh? It’s kind of piling on at this point, isn’t it, after Jon Stewart disemboweled him for the Comedy Central generation?

So Nancy essentially goes on to say that this “values shift” is coming as Americans recover from the consumer excess and the loss of wealth that almost all of us have touched in the past decade … and she somehow draws this line to tell us about the great business culture at Zappos, the SmartyPig social savings program, and IBM’s “Big Green Innovations” environmental initiatives.

Huh? OK, I guess it all makes sense if you read fast, but essentially the whole ad to this point was working up to the fact that she’s got a geothermal stock to tease you with … here’s how she spins it:

“Geothermal plants don’t get the glamorous write-ups that solar and wind-powered generators get, but one small company has made the breakthrough that changes all that.

“The breakthrough is this: The power plant arrives on the back of a truck.

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“The modular construction of these geothermal plants slashes capital costs and makes renewable energy available in locations you just can’t build coal-fired generators.

“Anaheim just went thermal. Phoenix will do so later this year.

“And Indonesia, with the 4th largest population in the world, will be 40% geothermal within 5 years.

“In each case, a Utah start-up is using its quick-build geothermal plants to grab business.”

And there is a bit of specific teasery about why this company should benefit now: