Buy This China Battery Stock — Nancy Zambell

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 2, 2009

One of the things that almost always works for newsletter ad copywriters is the deadline — you have to construct some sort of artificial reason for folks to sign up right now instead of waiting a few minutes and forever losing the impulse to buy that fancy new newsletter subscription.

And Nancy Zambell certainly has some solid copywriters working for her in the great InvestorPlace newsletter universe — so the latest ad from her comes in and tells us to …

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

“Take Your Triple in Maxwell — and Roll It Into This China Battery Stock

October 2 Deadline

But the funny thing is that they must have had a wee bit of delay in getting this ad out, because I started getting it from them yesterday — that would be October 1 — and the text of the ad just below that deadline says …

“But we must establish our new positions TOMORROW, OCTOBER 1”

So yes, in case you had any doubt about it, they do just make up those dates, and they can just roll ’em over a bit if they have a delay in getting the ad finalized.

Should you rush out and buy this China battery stock right now, by this new October 2 deadline? Well, let’s find out what it is first, no?

Nancy’s argument essentially is that the IPO of A123 (AONE), the lithium battery company that went public last week, marked the opening of the “floodgates” on energy storage. That was the IPO that got everyone excited about a possible return for the IPO marketplace — it priced at $13.50 and opened at $17, and is now trading in the low $20s. So it was a great boon for connected individuals and their investment bankers, but also a missed opportunity for the company to actually raise more cash for that equity.

But that’s not the point — it would have been great to get in at the IPO price, obviously, and sell the shares at a near-100% profit right away, but she’s not touting these shares right now, she’s got another stock in her sights. And an opportunity to once again claim, in her aw-shucks manner, that she’s the only straight shooter who does her homework:

“I don’t recommend A123—the financials are a fright. No one else will tell you that, of course—because no one ...

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