Can You Really Get Cannabis “Green Monday” Paydays?

Looking into Matt McCall's Cannabis Cash Weekly, teased as "The Easiest and Fastest Way to Earn $2,600 or More From the Cannabis Market… Each and Every Week!"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 26, 2019

The allure of income is overwhelming, and one thing that many small or novice investors have in common is the certitude with which they believe that there’s a “secret” income source out there… a way to just “tap in” to the money that institutional investors are making. That’s why these kinds of “payday” and “weekly cash” teaser ads work so well, I imagine, and we’ve seen similar ads for as long as Stock Gumshoe has existed… but what’s the reality?

Today I’m looking into Matt McCall’s pitch for Cannabis Cash Weekly, which he says is the “boldest income project of my career”, and it sounds lovely… the pitch in the initial email I received started out with, “Imagine a stock that pays you a 100% dividend yield on your money every year…” which sure sounds like something I’d love to see in my brokerage account.

And here’s how he sums it up on the order form:

“It takes just four easy steps to begin collecting “Green Monday” cash today:

  1. Look over my private instructions on each and every ‘Green Monday.’
  2. Enter the details I show you into your broker account.
  3. Deposit cash instantly.
  4. Exit the trade for a potential ‘lump sum’ payout.”

Sounds easy peasy, right? So what’s the catch? We may be tempted by the notion of “free income,” but when we think rationally we know that it’s not actually free… right? Starting, of course, with the price of McCall’s service ($999/yr, nonrefundable).

Well, we are all far too smart to 1pay for a nonrefundable service before we understand what it actually does, right? Please say, “right!”

So let me share with you just a little more from the ad, then we’ll get into the details and some specific examples.

“How To Make $2,600 in 28 Seconds on ‘Green Monday’

“The cannabis markets’ best-kept secret can pay out 50-70 times per year. Here’s how to claim your cannabis cash EVERY week….

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars are literally up for grabs for ordinary Americans every ‘Green Monday.’

“All you have to do is learn how to claim it.”

There’s a video that shows McCall demonstrating these “green monday” transactions to a non-expert, and plenty of chatter about how this is how hedge funds extract money from the market, how it’s super simple to do, and how this income has nothing to do with conventional stuff like dividends and bonds.

And apparently there’s a “secret” group of stocks that make this strategy possible….

“I mentioned the ‘Magic 9’ pot stocks?

“These are the nine ‘pipeline’ firms that make collecting “Green Monday” income streams possible in the first place.

“You can’t generate instant income the way I do without them.

“You already witnessed one of the Magic 9 — Cronos Group — during our live demonstration with Megan to make a quick upfront $500.

“Now I’m revealing the other eight names in my second report, The Magic 9 Pot Stocks.

“These ‘Magic 9’ stocks are the KEY to this entire strategy.

“Without them, it simply would not be possible to collect huge amounts of income week in and week out.

“Which is why it’s important you know as much as possible about them.

“After all, they are like a secret stepping stone to a $500 trillion pile of cash.

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