“My No. 1 China stock for 2015”

What's the "last man standing" among China stock newsletters teasing now?

China stocks are back, but China newsletters not so much. That’s a little bit unusual, actually — typically, newsletter publishers are quick to produce new “niche” letters or repurpose faltering letters to take advantage of big swings in the market, and just as quick to shut those newsletters down if that “niche” loses the interest of investors.

Chinese stocks have been on a tear of late, particularly the domestically traded shares as represented by the relatively newly available ETFs like the China A Shares tracker (ASHR) but also the large-cap Hong Kong-traded names like those that dominate the much older FXI ETF. And still, there’s really only one substantial China-focused newsletter from a major publisher. During the China bull market, there were probably a half-dozen pretty large China-focused (or “Asia”) newsletters — but most of them disappeared or got absorbed into other, more general letters, and these days I only ever hear about one, the China & Emerging Markets Report from Paul Goodwin at Cabot. That was one of the “hot” ones back in the 2007ish China bull run, and apparently it’s the only one of the China guys to survive the multiple crashes of Chinese stocks since then and emerge to take advantage of the big run Chinese stocks have had over the past year or two (and the last six months, particularly).