”They Stole $267 billion of King Saud’s Oil”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 24, 2011

Christian DeHaemer has made quite a career out of picking somewhat controversial resource companies with tiny market caps in war-torn or politically unstable or distasteful areas of the world — and since two of them that he has teased in the past, Petro Matad in Mongolia and Dragon Oil in Turkmenistan, have done very very well, It always gets my attention when he teases a new one for his $995 Crisis and Opportunity newsletter.

And, as you may have guessed from that paragraph, that’s what he’s doing today — he’s been talking up his visit to Kenya and his interest in East African oil for a couple weeks now in free articles that are spread around Angel Publishing’s “collector” newsletters (like Energy and Capital). These “collector” newsletters are all free letters that sometimes have interesting content and articles but also almost always pitch their paid newsletters — by “collector” I mean that these free services are important to the newsletters mainly because they’re a way to collect valuable email addresses to use in future promotions. Everyone does it, the Motley Fool with their Foolwatch and free site signup, Stansberry with their Growth Stock Wire and Daily Wealth, Agora with their Daily Reckoning, (even here we use a free email letter to better connect with and update readers and make sure you don’t forget about your favorite Gumshoe, though I don’t sell, lend or rent those email addresses).

There I go, getting off track again already — the point is, DeHaemer has been hinting around about finding that next high-potential oil stock for a while now, and apparently he found it. The teaser started circulating with more details a day or two ago, and it builds off of his basic premise that East Africa is the next global oil hotbed to start hinting at his favorite investment in the area. So let’s look at the teaser.

The pitch is, like some we’ve seen before, about how some folks are going to “steal” some of the oil from the huge Middle Eastern oil kingdoms — but like the last similar pitch we saw (from Chris Mayer for his idea that a Turkish company is siphoning off oil from Iran’s fields), it’s a very prehistoric, geological-shift kind of “stealing,” the basic idea is that there are huge oil formations in the area, and that when the earth shifted to open ...

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