“A Bonus Ten-Bagger Playing Government Regulation … Cleaning Water at Half the Price”

Sleuthing out Christian DeHaemer's "Ring of Fire" fracking wastewater pick

I wrote a few weeks ago about Christian DeHaemer’s “Ring of Fire” teaser that was all about the revolution in hydrofracking and the huge natural gas profits that will come to folks who buy his favorite stocks.

And yes, if you remember, he wasn’t pitching the actual natural gas producers (that’s a bold and contrarian bet these days, with prices so low), he was pitching a few stocks that profit from the collapse of natural gas prices — including a couple firms who are helping to build the national fleet of trucks and cars that run on natural gas and the associated infrastructure those vehicles will need. So that was interesting, and it got a fair amount of attention from my readers (you can see that older article here if you missed it the first time around) …

… but why is the Gumshoe bringing up this old news, you ask? Because there was also a bonus pick teased in that ad, and that bonus pick apparently intrigued folks even more than the stocks we already uncovered, because eager Gumshoe readers keep asking me to sleuthify it up for them.

Ready? Here are some of the hints and clues from the ad:

“Every single energy company that’s got a stake in the Ring of Fire wants to avoid lawsuits and EPA sanctions like the plague.

It’s one trend you can always count on: big companies working hard to hold on to their money.

“The good news is for every problem, there’s always a profitable solution.

“And the best news is I’ve found a little gem trading under $1 a share that’s ready to reap huge gains by tackling the cleanup of the fracking process.

“This little beauty holds 13 patents for a process that eliminates the need to truck wastewater from the fracking wells to off-site holding ponds, saving the energy company millions in lost time and expense.

“Their process also renders the water 100% reusable.”

Sound intriguing? Yes, as you can imagine, the national hullabaloo over hydraulic fracturing and the heavy toll it might take on water has inspired many investing pundits to search for profitable solutions — including yours truly. We’ve seen Keith Schaefer tease one such company, a glorified maker of giant swimming pools with a huge dividend, and the Irregulars might remember that I was very close to profiling Heckman as our “Idea of the Month” in March but held off because something just wasn’t smelling right (thankfully — it’s down almost 25% since then … I still like the broad business plan of consolidating the energy waste water treatment sector, but I worry about the actual performance and their recent unrelated acquisition).