“Bank 1369% Off Mongolia’s Secret Uranium Rush”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 27, 2011

Today I’m running late for a performance by one of my fabulously talented children, so I have to give you just a brief answer and open up the floor for questions and comments — let you, in short, do the research without much of a head start from me. I can, however, at least tell you my solution for the name of this “secret” teased company.

The tease is from Christian DeHaemer, for his Crisis and Opportunity newsletter, and it uses similar arguments to his old Mongolian oil pitch (a stock which has performed spectacularly since he teased it and I wrote about it a year ago) — but this time the tease is for a uranium play in Mongolia.

And he provides very little in the way of hints or clues, but that’s OK — the mighty, mighty Thinkolator is still up to the challenge.

Since I’m not going to fully detail the arguments and clues he provides today, you can always check out the teaser ad presentation here if you like. As usual, it includes some stern-faced photos of Dehaemer, and pics of the Mongolian outback where this resource is located.

And here’s the key bit of info from the tease:

“When a Russian state-owned energy company attempted to seize control of this land, the battle was on. There were months and months of lawsuits, court battles, and wars of words in the press…

“But when the dust settled, a small North American miner was left standing — with a very big assist from China.

“And that’s where we come in today, with the partnership between this tiny mining company — currently valued at a rock-bottom price of less than 60 cents — and energy-hungry China, established and ready to move forward.

“But what is it, exactly, that this little-known firm needed China’s help to secure control of and fend off an overly aggressive Russian state energy agency?

“To put it simply: an estimated 52.5 million pounds of uranium.”

So who is it? Well, based on the estimated 52.5 million pounds number, I can suggest a company that might match (their estimate actually claims 52.9 pounds of probable reserves on the two most advanced of their claims, the ones likeliest to be mined in the relatively near future) — but that’s not enough for the kind of absolute confirmation that I like to have before I mention a microcap stock to a few thousand of my closest friends.

But indeed, this company has been close to partnering with the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation — CNNC offered to buy them out about a year ago at a decent premium, in fact, though they later backed out of the deal. I don’t know if there’s still a cross-ownership or partnership with China.

So I looked to another source of occasional enlightenment: photos. At the top of the teaser ad, DeHaemer showed a picture of the valuable “wasteland” that this company owns. And whaddya know, but as far as my inexpert eyes can tell that picture was lifted directly from this same company’s website — so that’s enough to tell me that he’s almost certainly (though I won’t go so far as to claim my usual 99% certainty this time) talking about a little Canadian company called Khan Resources (KRI in Toronto, KHRIF on the pink sheets). It does trade for less than 60 cents, it’s at 50 cents as I type.

If you’d like to see