Circular T336, Idaho’s “Wonder Vein” and the $2 Company Leading the “New Era of American Power”

Soliving Christian DeHaemer's Thorium Teaser Pitch

Christian DeHaemer has a new ad out about a revolutionary new form of energy that he says will net you massive gains thanks to a “wonder vein” energy discovery in Idaho.

It’s really not about this “wonder vein,” though — the discovery of this fuel in Idaho is perhaps a big deal for other companies who might develop mines in the future if demand for the material increases, but it’s about the potential customers for this fuel.

Which is a lot of talking around the point, right? Sorry, the short version is that DeHaemer is pitching a thorium company but not a thorium miner or anyone who actually owns any of that “wonder vein” in Idaho. Thorium is a potential nuclear fuel that is often touted as a way to reduce or eliminate problems of nuclear proliferation, waste disposal, and meltdown risk.

We’ll give you a little taste of the ad here to get you started:

“Classified report known as Circular T336 reveals new energy source that could net you $110,850 in two years’ time

“Idaho’s game-changing “Wonder Vein” has remained buried for over 200 years… Now this confidential brief reveals the truth about the energy discovery that’s sending shock waves through the market

“Most residents of the U.S. Northwest only think of the Lemhi Pass as a pristine hiking destination.

“Yet what the residents of Idaho — and most folks in America — don’t realize is that the Lemhi Pass has actually become a foothold in a billion-dollar energy initiative that could make you $110,850 richer over the next two years.

“And mind you, this has nothing to do with wind, solar, or geothermal energy… and it doesn’t involve coal, natural gas, or even oil.

“Instead, American geologists and scientists have been hard at work on what amounts to the ‘Holy Grail’ of energy: clean, abundant, inexpensive, oil-less power.”

The ad is accompanied by lots of photos of the Idaho mountains that hide this store of thorium, but no one is currently trying to mine it as far as I can tell.

The thorium story has been an appealing one for a long time, and Orrin Hatch and Harry Reid tried a couple times to push through bills that would have pushed for more thorium reactor testing — both bills, in 2008 and 2010, died in committee, despite the fact that many enthusiasts continue to say we’re on the verge of the real “age of thorium” — the story was well summed up by rare earth elements guru Jack Lifton here, but that article is from 2009 and not a lot has changed to move thorium forward. At least in the US.

Here’s more from Christian DeHaemer, in case we lose our lust for the magic of thorium…

“Put simply, it’s an element, first discovered in 1828 by a Norwegian priest who named it ‘thorium’ — after the old-world god of thunder.

“One of the largest deposits of this element sits in America, right underneath the Lemhi Pass in Idaho.

“And as Circular T336 recently revealed, this thorium-rich plot of land has been dubbed the ‘Wonder Vein.’

“…. that’s exactly what this land holds — in plentitude. 185,000 metric tons of it, to be exact.

“And the “Wonder Vein” isn’t the only Idaho plot that holds excessive amounts of thorium, either.

“In fact, there are 218 other easily accessible veins spread across the Northern part of the state.”

Thorium has been talked up a lot, and for years, as a safer nuclear power source than uranium… and DeHaemer quotes a few of the fans who have mentioned it:

“Utah Senator Orrin Hatch recently weighed in on this matter, saying, ‘We have abundant domestic supplies of thorium… We certainly want to make sure it is a viable option in our nation’s energy mix.’

“Ed Cowle, an expert in the mineral field, stated, ‘Thorium will prove beneficial to the future of nuclear energy, and through our work we know that the U.S. has a high-quality thorium reserve fully capable of meeting demand.’

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“And Bruce Blair of Global Zero (an initiative aimed at the elimination of nuclear weapons) labeled this new thorium surge as ‘the most promising innovation on the horizon for reducing the proliferation risk of a flourishing nuclear power industry.'”

The Hatch quote is from the most recent time he proposed legislation to push thorium, in 2010. Ed Cowle is the CEO of U.S. Rare Earths, one company trying to explore and possibly develop the reserves in the Lemhi Pass (more on them in a bit — no, that’s not the stock DeHaemer is teasing). DeHaemer also cited these quotes in a free article he wrote a few days ago about thorium.

And the big picture argument from the teaser pitch is this:

“And since it takes 200 tons of uranium to produce the same amount of energy as just a single ton of thorium… the cost implications are enormous.

“If you do the math, you’ll find it takes nearly $2 million worth of uranium to produce the same energy that $72,560 of thorium can produce.

“Bottom line: thorium is 99.9% cheaper to mine than uranium.

“But perhaps the most staggering fact of all is this: Scientists have found that due to its vast availability, there’s enough thorium (as I mentioned earlier) to produce more energy than all of the world’s coal, oil, and p