Friday File: Putin, Nickel and Oil

Solving a Crisis & Opportunity Teaser, plus some updates on a junior oil stock

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 9, 2015

Christian DeHaemer was an eager evangelist for “blood in the streets” investing many years ago, when we first started covering his hyped-up hints about earthshaking discoveries and — but it’s not the the Rothschild “buy when there’s blood in the streets” dictum, it’s quite a bit more literal. He has long talked of buying stocks in countries where investors think political risk is high or war is imminent, not just stocks that have metaphorically been bleeding.

And he seems to be getting back into that groove again with this latest pitch of his about Russia… so, will this turn out well, like some of his past “buying in war zones” or frontier markets ideas have? Let’s look into it a little bit.

Many of you probably weren’t aboard the good ship Gumshoe the last time we looked at a “frontier” or “war zone” idea from DeHaemer, but for a while it seemed he was chucking a new one at our heads every few weeks — partly because everyone was scouring the remotest parts of the world for mineral deposits and oil discoveries in those days before copper, cobalt and crude became dirty words for investors.

Some turned into fantastic trades for at least a brief while, like the Mongolian oil explorer Petro Matad (which went from 23 pence to 200 pence or so at one point… though their drilling eventually was a bust and they pretty quickly gave up all those gains) and the Kenya oil explorer Africa Oil (AOI.V, AOIFF — more on that one in a minute, since I own shares and there’s been some news). Some have also been terrible over time, like Tag Oil (TAO.TO, TAOIFF) or Lightbridge (LTBR) or New Zealand Energy (NZ.V, NZERF) — but there have been dozens of them, both good and bad, and they’re almost always heavily hyped and are often fun or interesting stories… so let’s see what’s on the docket from DeHaemer today.

The headline is “Putin: 2016” for this ad, and it essentially suggests that Russian stocks in general are so cheap and so beaten down that they’re a buy now… despite the Russian sanctions and Putin’s strongarm posing. But we do get into some specifics about which ones, too. From the ad:

“As Vladimir Putin slowly reveals his hand in Russia’s inevitable clash with the West…

A surprising investment opportunity has arisen, giving ...

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