Get Your “Unclaimed Dividends” like the “DC Elite”

Identifying a high-dividend foreign stock teased by Currency Capitalist

This teaser throws out hot-button political names to get us excited — and unlike many folks who stick to provoking investor ire by only mentioning liberal democrats, they make sure to offer equal opportunity in poking those hot buttons …

“Dozens of DC Elite, from Mitt Romney to Nancy Pelosi to Ron Paul Are Earning up to $27k/month in ‘Unclaimed Dividends’

“Here’s how you could tap this privileged income-stream and receive your first check by June 30th….

“It’s outrageous!

“High-ranking government officials have got it made. On top of their salary… they get generous perks, pensions and healthcare benefits in excess of $69,192 each year.

“But there’s something else this ‘privileged’ political class is getting away with. And while it may infuriate you… it could ultimately help you pocket an extra $917 to $1,834 a month, maybe more.

“You see, we recently uncovered a little-known ‘unclaimed’ dividend program that D.C. elites use to quietly rake in a substantial side-income.”

Many of you know that until about a year ago Stock Gumshoe was based in DC, in stately Gumshoe Manor (that was before our move to beautiful Gumshoe Mountain here in the wilds of Massachusetts), but although I can almost be certain about the fact that I have used this “unclaimed dividend” strategy myself, your favorite Gumshoe sure ain’t (and wasn’t) a member of the “privileged” political class. Except that I did vote, despite the fact that DC residents still get “taxation without representation” (yes, it still rankles even though I no longer call DC home), and voting does, embarrassingly enough for our country, put you in a “privileged class” of people who make even a limited effort to participate.

But anyway, we’ve seen this general sort of pitch before — the “in crowd” is using their special privileges to invest in a particularly profitable way, so, dangit, why don’t you subscribe to this letter so you can do it too? The newsletter this time around is one of the ones from the Sovereign Society folks, called Currency Capitalist, which seems to be run by Sean Hyman.

Part of the pitch involves teasing several investments that can get you these “unclaimed dividends” — and I’ll get to some of those shortly — but the underlying idea of this investment is such an odd stretch that I have to dig into that first.

What are “unclaimed dividends?” Well, it’s an appealing sounding term (haven’t you seen the ads about finding unclaimed money that the government owes you, or that a long-lost relative meant you to have? Same basic idea, getting “free money” is the most appealing pitch we’ll ever see), and a term that has been used for other newsletter ads in the past … one that comes to mind is Jeff Clark’s “Unclaimed Dividends” from a few years ago.

But that was a tease to get you hyped up about options trading — this is something much more like, well, plain old dividends. Here’s how they describe the history of these “unclaimed dividends,” a history that they trace back to what most folks consider was the first publicly traded company, the Dutch East India Co. in the early 1600s … here’s that spiel:

“The Dutch East India Company was granted a legal monopoly on trade routes between Europe and India.

“But it still didn’t have enough money to cover the huge expense of dispatching tens – ultimately hundreds of merchant ships halfway around the world.

“So this company’s president, Jan Pieterszoon Coen, came up with a unique kind of income pool – that allowed regular investors to own a piece of the company, in exchange for a giant slice of the profits.

“Participants in these income pools earned an average yield of 21%. Not for a quarter or two… but for 180 consecutive years!

“At that rate, a single $1,000 stake would grow into a $796 million family fortune.

“These are the same type of pools that Washington’s elite from Dick Cheney to Ron Paul to Chief Justice John Roberts are tapping each month.

“But what makes them so lucrative – and completely unlike regular dividends – is, these payouts automatically adjust higher as the U.S. dollar loses value.

“Considering how the greenback has plummeted since the year 2000, it’s easy to see why some experts are saying, “this new source of income could be a godsend for millions of people on a fixed income or approaching retirement.”

“Despite this program’s documented success, most Americans are not aware these payouts exist, so they don’t pursue them. That’s why billions in dividends go ‘unclaimed’ and revert back to their source each year.”

So what are these “unclaimed dividends?” Well, in short, it sounds like they’re … dividends. You know, the regular kind that you get when you own shares of a company that chooses to share its profits with shareholders.

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