“America’s Most ‘Stupid’ Family”

What's this latest hinted-at recommendation from Curzio Research Advisory?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 15, 2019

No, this one’s not about you and your Uncle Bill. And it’s not about the little Gumshoes and their struggle with Algebra. It’s a headline from Frank Curzio, who earlier in the week sent out a hint-y email to at least a few folks that said, “How to capitalize on America’s most ‘stupid’ family.” It’s not even clear exactly what the pitch is, the teaser email was forwarded by a couple folks with a Curzio Research Advisory masthead, so presumably it’s a recommendation for that letter… so this isn’t a widely circulated promo pitch, I mostly just found it interesting and decided to follow up (FYI, that newsletter is his go-anywhere “entry level” letter, $79/yr).

And he was, of course, talking about the Kardashians… who are, regardless of how you feel about their signature vapidity, culture and style icons.