Frank Curzio shot with “Batman”/”Air Cuff” Device to tease a Stock — which one?

What's the "1,000% gain opportunity" from a "Space-Age Weapon" being hinted at by Curzio Research Adivsory?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 13, 2019

I’ll let you know up front that this is not a particularly “secret” stock reveal today — yes, Frank Curzio is hinting at a stock to promote his entry-level newsletter (Curzio Research Opportunities, currently $49), but you could find this stock on your own. Anyone could, that’s the nature of a unique product.

But I’ve been seeing the ads from Curzio for about a month now, and the questions are still piling up… and I’ve been thinking about the stock myself, so I thought I should do my thinking out loud for you, dear reader. Ready?

The ads mostly feature Frank Curzio “getting shot” — he went to NY to meet with management and see a demonstration of the device, and apparently he volunteered to test it out himself… so that video, really, was all anyone needed to ID the company.

But we’ll see what other clues and numbers he drops, just to make sure we’re being thorough.

They’re testing a bunch of different phrases with the emails leading to this ad to see what works best (“Space Age Police Device Has Me Seeing $$$,” ” CAUGHT ON TAPE: Frank ‘Frozen’ by Space Age Device”), but this is my favorite:

“Recently, Frank flew to New York City on his most incredible venture yet.

“He stood in front of a man holding a Space Age-style weapon…

“What some in the media are calling a “Batman gun”…

“And asked to be shot – right in the chest.

“You won’t believe what happened next.”

And the big market opportunity they hint at, of course, is that this company will be the “next Taser” and will sell this device to all the cops in the world over the next few years.

That would certainly be a worthy investment if it works out — I don’t know what the odds of success are, that is the major unknown factor as the very first pilot programs test the device and it begins to be used on the street, but following in the footsteps of Taser would certainly make investors drool… Taser changed its name to Axon Enterprises recently, mostly to reflect the fact that their business has expanded to be perhaps more dependent on police cameras and their “evidence cloud” that stores video from those cameras, but most of the gain until recently came on the back of their “less lethal” Taser device that is meant to incapacitate people with a relatively small (compared to a handgun) chance of death or permanent injury.

This is what Taser/Axon stock has looked like since they began trading (they went public in 2001, the original Taser was released in 1976 but used gunpowder and was classified as a firearm and didn’t sell much — the first air-propelled Taser came out in 1994, and the first one to really get wide police interest came out in 1999):