Curzio’s “Rare Opportunity to Invest in a Brand-New Gold Stock’s ‘Secret IPO'”

The Curzio Venture Opportunities ad says that "The last time these men got together, they built a company that’s since grown over 3,200%."

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 12, 2017

This is a teaser pitch that I covered for the Irregulars a few months ago, but several readers have asked me about it over the past day or two, so perhaps it’s making the rounds again — and I thought I’d share that teaser solution and my thoughts with the rest of the gang today.

And no, it’s not just because I’m otherwise engaged and don’t have a new teaser solution for you today — though that’s also true, I’ll be at the Delivering Alpha conference all day today, hopefully picking up some wisdom from billionaires. Stranger things have happened, right?

Anyway, Curzio’s been pitching this as a “secret IPO” gold stock, and one that brings together two mining industry veterans who turned their last discovery into a huge winner. Curzio started hinting at this pick back in early June, and then rolled out a real ad promo for his Curzio Venture Opportunities newsletter based on this teaser pick a few weeks later.

I’ve mostly copied over the comments below from my older articles, though there’s a bit of updating here and there (and Curzio has thrown in a few updates in the latest version of the ad, as well — though the news from the company so far has been pretty limited).

Here’s a little taste from the recent ad:

“An Invitation that Could Change Your Life…

“A Rare Opportunity to Invest in a Brand-New Gold Stock’s “Secret IPO”

“The last time these men got together, they built a company that’s since grown over 3,200%.

“Now, you have the chance to get in on the ground floor of their latest venture….

“This is your chance to invest alongside a handful of mining experts as a new gold company is built from the ground up…

“Based on a prospect that, according to comprehensive geologic analysis, could easily be worth billions of dollars. “

He talks up the people who are involved in the company and their past successes, including one that Curzio himself recommended sometime back in late 2011 or early 2012, and he shows a chart of the huge success of that one with a 324% gain from trough to peak over about a four month period… and that perfectly confirms that, yes, that past stock recommendation was Gold Standard Ventures (GSV), as suspected.

And Curzio talks up the geologist who worked both at Gold Standard and for this new company, calling him “King Midas” ….

“The Man They Call “King Midas”

“You see, this man told me he teamed up with one of – if not the – most experienced… most accomplished… most celebrated geologist in the world today.

“As you might imagine, he’s not a promoter.

“He’d much rather be drilling holes than making phone calls….

“He’s actually been described that way in print.

“King Midas is what his peers call him.

“And it’s no wonder…

“For over thirty years, he’s been exploring for gold in Northern Nevada – the epicenter of gold production in America.

“Of the approximately 300 million ounces discovered there, King Midas has personally had a hand in locating more than 50 million of them.”

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I don’t know where Dave Mathewson was specifically referred to as “King Midas” in print, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that moniker was applied to him at some point — mining folks, after all, love hyperbole almost as much as newsletter salesmen. Mathewson is the VP of exploration for US Gold, and was the geologist behind the discoveries at Gold Standard Ventures as well as several other large mines in the area for Newmont in decades past. I think we can all stipulate that he’s at least as good at finding large gold deposits in Nevada as anyone else — though that, of course, does not mean he finds something every time he looks.

More from Curzio:

“Right now, you have the chance to invest in what King Midas calls ‘Project R on steroids.’

“I’ve codenamed it DISTRICT X.