What’s “The Billionaire Gold Syndicate” and why does Frank Curzio think it can return 32X your money?

Checking out the first teaser pitch from Curzio Venture Opportunities

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 7, 2016

Frank Curzio is pretty close to my age, I think, but has been a newsletter guy for decades — his dad was a newsletter writer, well-known mostly because he accurately predicted the 1987 crash (presumably in his F.X.C. Newsletter) and got pretty consistent attention from the press for a while because of that, and Frank worked for several of the big publishers (TheStreet.com, Stansberry, Weiss) over the past decade but is now launching his own self-published newsletters and, perhaps, his own newsletter group. He has a pretty good following, driven largely by his free Wall Street Unplugged podcast, which is worth listening to and has outlasted every newsletter he has worked on (so far, at least).

And during his tenure at Stansberry he seems to have gotten close to Marin Katusa and the other folks in Doug Casey’s orbit who focus on junior mining stocks, and has started to focus on high-end newsletters (including the short-lived Adventure Capitalist Inner Circle at Weiss) through which he tries to provide more exclusive content at a higher price… including, particularly, access to mining industry private placements.

And that’s what’s being teased today…

“For the first time ever, I am letting you in on a unique deal that could literally change your life for the better…

“This opportunity gives you direct ownership in a small mining company that over the past few years has accumulated 18 million ounces of gold resources… for less than $5 an ounce…”

Curzio has talked up several such deals in his podcast in recent years as well, most of which, at least as I remember, were arranged by or brought to Curzio by Marin Katusa. Katusa used to be an analyst and writer for Doug Casey, but left when Casey sold out to Stansberry, reportedly partly because of Stansberry’s rules against owning the stocks you cover. He still manages a hedge fund that’s primarily funds from Doug Casey, Rick Rule and himself, and he also writes some free articles and has his own high-end newsletter, introduced fairly recently — he has a very strong focus on private placements, mostly because those give investors some significant advantages and provide enough leverage through warrants, one hopes, to overcome the high failure rate of exploration-stage mining stocks.

So what’s the story? It sounds like a can’t miss from the ad:

“… a powerful syndicate of gold investors is piling into this company right now… via ‘private placements.’

“Yes, the stock trades publicly on a major exchange.

“But they’re getting shares directly from the company – and often at below-market prices.

“That’s how members of this group – a circle of financiers I call the ‘Billionaire Gold Syndicate’ – have made their biggest gains over the years.

“I’m talking about single private-placement deals that have handed these men 5X… 10X… even 590X returns.

“Imagine turning $25,000 into $14.75 million. THAT’S how the rich truly get richer, my friend.”

And we’re told that this stock has the potential to generate 32X returns, that those who get in on the private placement will receive free warrants (one warrant for every two shares purchased), and that the company has an “extremely valuable asset that’s relatively unknown to most people.”

So… what’s the stock? Well, some of you already know… but don’t spoil the surprise for the rest of the class! We do get a few more clues from Curzio:

“The CEO happens to be a close personal friend of mine….

“Not too long ago, I received an invitation to a closed-door meeting at the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue in New York….

“On tap for discussion was the fate of several gold-mining projects in Brazil….

“But for our purposes, the most important exchanges came during a ‘lull’ in the official program….

“I found myself standing amid the most powerful men in Brazilian politics, including President Michael Temer (Temer was the Vice President of Brazil when I first met him).

“The topic of discussion?

“The future of one tiny gold stock in particular…

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