“New Blood Vessel Battery charges electric cars in only 60 seconds”

Sniffing out some Alex Cowie picks from Diggers and Drillers

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 10, 2012

“What if you could get 20+ hour charge times for electric vehicles down to less than one minute?

“Four Koreans just found a way to do exactly that.

“And a new ‘clean-tech’ boom has started…

“It’s already sent one American stock soaring 55% in five days, between September 7 and September 12. Another went up 117% in 3 trading sessions.

“I calculate that two more ASX-listed companies are set to follow.

“Read on for a breaking story from clean tech’s ultra-fringe…”

That’s the opening pitch from Dr. Alex Cowie for his Australian Diggers and Drillers newsletter, which is quite similar to the US-based resource stock letters that we write about from time to time (Outstanding Investments, S&A Resource Report, etc — it’s become a pretty big sector, given the commodity bull market and obsession with “hard assets” among investors).

And given that, you can probably guess that he’s not teasing the actual science or the technology, but the commodities that make that technology possible … and the miners who he thinks will enrich you as a result. Not unlike the pitches from Byron King recently for graphene, vanadium and beryllium.

Probably Australian companies too, I’d gather — so this will be of special interest to our growing and much-beloved cadre of Aussie readers, though it’s generally pretty easy for most US investors to trade Aussie stocks if they wish to, and sometimes these Australian companies end up having US or Canadian listings, too … we’ll see.

The pitch about the “blood vessel battery” is basically that it’s going to make electric car batteries recharge dramatically faster, which would remove a major impediment to widespread adoption of electric cars — they’re fine for commuting, but since they take hours to recharge they take away the “I can go anywhwere” freedom that Americans, particularly, have come to see as a core part of their being.

And if that impediment is removed, the logic goes, then electric cars would finally take off as most experts expect them to eventually do — which would dramatically increase the volume of battery ingredients that’s required. Assuming that it’s still lithium-ion batteries that offer the best weight/safety/power equation when this happens, then the ingredients of those batteries should be in high demand.

Principally, those ingredients are graphite and lithium — part of the reason we’ve seen so many teases for those two “strategic” commodities over the last few years. But I’ll let Cowie tell a bit more of his story before we dig into which picks he’s touting:

“Electric cars need to be roughly equal to petrol cars for lots of people to buy them. But a study by the University