$1 Gold Stock and “The Greatest Gold Opportunity in the Last Decade”

A quick teaser solution rerun from last month's Friday File

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 23, 2015

Just returning from vacation, and I don’t have anything new for you just yet… but I see that the questions have been piling up about Frank Curzio’s new newsletter and the $1 gold stock he’s been touting as they drum up new subscribers.

And, thankfully, that’s one I already took a quick look at — back in a piece for the Irregulars about three weeks ago. So for those of you who missed that article or haven’t yet joined our merry band of paid members, I’ve copied that part of the piece below. I have not looked at the stock in the last three weeks, or updated or revised what follows since it ran on January 30. But, well, enjoy…

— originally published 1/30/15 —

I like Frank Curzio’s podcast (now called Wall Street Unplugged), and I generally find his way of thinking interesting, so after he was laid off by Porter Stansberry I was half hoping he’d go off on his own and build his own newsletter business from scratch (he edited Phase 1 Investor and Small Cap Specialist for Stansberry & Associates for the last few years, making him one of the more heavily promoted pundits out there)… but no, he went to a new publisher (I’m sure he had lots of offers — he’s got a large podcast following and a bit of a “brand name” in the business), so he’s now editing Disruptors & Dominators for Uncommon Wisdom (one of the Weiss publishing brands… he’s taking this title over from Tony Sagami, who moved over to work for Mauldin Economics — newsletter publishers have revolving doors). Apparently Curzio is also going to be putting out newsletters called Adventure Capitalist and Adventure Capitalist Confidential, but I haven’t seen any sign of those yet….

Which means we’re likely to see plenty of new teasers for Curzio’s new letters in the year to come, so that’s good news for me (plenty to write about!) even though I kind of wish he’d gone independent… and apparently the first one of those teaser campaigns started up just this week, I haven’t yet been in that test marketing group but an alert reader forwarded it along because it seemed he was teasing a stock Curzio had suggested back in his Stansberry days, Brazil Resources (BRI.V, BRIZF).

So what’s the spiel, and is it Brazil Resources he’s teasing and touting these days as the “The Greatest Gold Opportunity in the Last Decade?” I thought we’d take a quick look, here’s the intro of the ad (you can play along at home if you like, the ad is here), which comes from publisher Brad Hoppmann…

“This is the Greatest Gold Company I’ve Ever Seen!”

“This $1 gold miner could be sitting on $4.8 billion in FREE Gold …”

With gold staging a little recovery this month, that sounds kind of interesting… what else do they say?

“You see, just the other day Frank sent a remarkable report across my desk.

“It details an under-the-radar gold miner that’s been using what he calls the “Midas Code” to buy up huge gold deposits around the world at an unbelievable discount.

“In fact, starting from scratch in 2011 … they’ve been able to build a portfolio that contains an estimated 3.9 million ounces of gold.

“At today’s gold prices that’s an impressive $4.8 billion worth of gold … and they’re just getting started!”

And then we get to the exciting, “secret” part…

“… just a little over 6 months ago they pulled off their most impressive deal to date.

“Not only did this company acquire over $1 billion worth of premium gold deposits for a measly $10.4 million …

“But unbeknownst to most of Wall Street … this deal also included a little kicker.

“It’s a metal deposit that’s looking like it could be a huge winner for the company.

“In fact, the metal alone could be worth more than everything they’ve paid for all their gold acquisitions so far!”

And some more detail on that “kicker&