Curzio’s “This Swab Can Reveal How You’re Going to Die (And How to Stop It)”

What are Curzio's three "Decode your DNA" stocks teased by the ad for Disruptors and Dominators?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 22, 2015

Frank Curzio has been around the block a few times, helming mostly small-cap newsletters for three different big publishers over the last decade or so — his current “entry level” newsletter for Uncommon Wisdom/Weiss is called Disruptors and Dominators, and he’s selling it today by touting the possibility of 2,997% gains from the advancing science of personalized medicine.

The attention getting bit, reflected in the headline, is that “this swab can tell you how you’re going to die” piece — which refers to the fact that you can get your DNA sequenced now at a fairly reasonable price and learn about what markers you have that might increase your risk of specific diseases or conditions, (and, if you choose, change your lifestyle to help mitigate those risks).

That’s been available for a while, though the costs keep coming down — I don’t know what the consumer demand is for knowing specific disease risks, and the FDA is worried that consumer tests are not standardized at all and may not be helpful or consistent across testing companies (if one test says your risk of melanoma is below average, will you foolishly stop using sunscreen? If your risk of lung cancer is below average, will you take up smoking? Remember, the FDA has to deal with the fact that many of us act are idiots).

The highest-profile of the “cheap at home DNA analysis” companies, 23andMe, has been squashed by the FDA a couple times for pushing the envelope on offering “diagnostic” information from their $99 spit tests and they’re now offering primarily an “ancestry” DNA test to find out where your people come from, though I’m sure they’re not done trying to get FDA approval for other tests.

But that’s beside the point, really — Curzio’s push is that this industry is going to grow because of personalized medicine, particularly the pharmaceuticals that are targeted at particular genes or at particular mutations. And that this will only accelerate as the costs come down with new technologies and improved efficiencies.

So what’s he suggesting we invest in? Well, he’s got three “secret” stocks that he’ll tell his subscribers about — one big DNA sequencing company, one smaller upstart, and one company that apparently speeds up testing. We’ll get into the details on those and see if the Thinkolator can identify them for you, but first let me share just a wee bit of the tease:

“From antivirals to penicillin and chemotherapy … mankind is now poised to make the next great leap in medicine … and it’s already projected to be worth over $1.6 trillion within the next few years …

“The U.S. Government has already invested $14 billion in this technology … and ‘made back’ $965 BILLION as a result …

“Some of the earliest investors have had the chance to turn every $100 into $2,997 … but as we race to this historic tipping point, the possibilities are getting even better — with the chance to turn every $1 into $6.14 in as little as 21 days …

“It’s the genesis of a new form of medicine that will a