“Exploit This American Oil Giant for a Fast Double-Digit Gain!”

Quick solution to a Louis Navellier Emerging Growth teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 27, 2014

I’m officially on vacation, but had a lot of questions recently about Louis Navelier’s “next surge for my top oil stock is about to begin” stock, so I thought I’d throw out a quick answer for you.

The story is that this company is growing, with more growth to come, but has seen its stock price pull back recently to provide a “buying opportunity” — and he says it’s “Exploiting an oil field so big, companies are leaving the Middle East to drill here!”

So what’s the stock? I’ll give you a taste of the clues and then the answer, but you’re on your own for analyzing this one — making it quick today.

Here’s how he got my attention:

“After a meteoric rise of 89% this year, shares have pulled back 19%. And this is the exact kind of buying opportunity I’ve been waiting for to load up on more shares.

“This company loves to jump…

“In two days in May shares were up 14%. And the two-day jump in March was even better—18%!”

And the story is all about their production growth — here are our specific clues:

* “At the end of 2013, this company had boosted production 120%, year-over-year

* Production is expected to skyrocket another 135% in 2014

* This company DOUBLED its oil fields in 2014

* 31 horizontal wells are now busily pumping profits giving them a substantial edge over their competition

* They just snatched up 1,527 NEW acres of oil fields, next to some of their richest producing wells

* More than 50 vertical wells are projected to be operational by the end of 2014, for a total of over 81 wells”

So who is it? Thinkolator sez this is: Callon Petroleum (CPE), which has indeed been a stellar performer this year (and we covered it early on, it was our best guess as the solution to a January Keith Kohl teaser). “Oil Giant” is an exaggeration, they’re a fairly small company with a market cap around $400 million, but it hits all the other clues precisely so I’m quite confident this is his pick and it has been an “A” rated stock by Navellier since April.

Callon is all about the Midland Basin, part of the Permian Basin that’s so hot these days, and they’re pushing for growth. It matches the clues, and it’s an interesting growth story as they add a rig and are focused on production growth, but other than that I haven’t looked in detail at the valuation or their prospects. Which, given my level of oil expertise (low), might actually be better for you — you can go work up your own opinion without my meddling.

If you want to get the story straight from the company, they had a brief and pretty illuminating presentation at a conference last week that you can webcast here, and there’s an analysis of the stock here that includes a fair amount of useful data as well.

So, I don’t know whether Navellier will be right in predicting that the stock will double by the end of the year, but you at least know the name and the ticker of this old but small and growing company so you can go forth, do your researchification, and come on back to share your thoughts with your fellow investors. You probably won’t hear from me again until after Labor Day, so enjoy the rest of your week!

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