“WiMax — the Quadruple Play”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 8, 2007

This is one I’ve been coming back to for a little while because I didn’t get a quick and easy answer … but I’ve finally got it.

The ad came from Louis Navellier’s Emerging Growth Newsletter, and it proclaimed that he could provide the name of the company that was enabling the quadruple play, which he called the “triple play — only better!” for wireless connectivity.

The news was even connected to a trade show — CTIA, as Navellier writes: “And this week, Emerging Growth’s top Wi-Max recommendation is wowing tens of thousands at the big CTIA WIRELESS 2007 trade show in Orlando. The buzz from Orlando is that our Wi-Max company is the key to what is being called The Quadruple Play!”

And then it gets a bit poetic — claiming that this company weaves the “golden thread” that stitches the wireless world together.

What else are we told about this company?

“A new Verizon contract it recently won will provide CITY-WIDE hot spots all over the country. This is a ten-year license to PRINT MONEY and it hasn’t been factored into the stock price!”

They provide the connectivity for Sprint’s new cell phone 99 cent music service — or at least, they