This “Censored” Profit-Builder “Registered Huge Blip”

Who's the big subway operator teased by Jeff Opdyke?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 11, 2011

Today’s hype-ly delight comes in for a newsletter by Jeff Opdyke, who used to be a Wall Street Journal writer (columnist, most recently — which is why his name might sound familiar from the weekend “Love and Money” column that he quit last month), and gave that up for what is probably a dramatically more remunerative career as a newsletter guy and stockpicker for the Sovereign Society (yes, one of the gajillion “affiliates and subsidiaries” of Agora).

He hit the ground running at the Sovereign Society last year, and I’ve written a couple times about his teaser picks — the first one was about the Greenland rare earths craze that was fueled by a half dozen newsletters, he teased that “coup of the century” pick in December; and the second was Limoneira, which he thought should be starting a huge uptrend a few weeks from now (so far it looks like it was as expensive as I and many commenters feared, the price is down substantially … but, to be fair, the “announcement” that he said could catapult the shares isn’t expected until April 30).

This latest tease of his comes in for his Emerging Market Strategist, which is a new letter they’re launching for him — and it’s a pricey one, at $795 (though of course, it’s a huge discount off the “normal” price of $2,500, a price, I assume, that no one has actually paid).

(And yes, just to be clear — being a member of the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars is only $49 a year … but that’s a huge discount off the “normal” price of, oh, let’s say $599. Insert smiley face here.)

So … if you read Opdyke’s final column for the Wall Street Journal, you might have noticed that the hefty travel load of his newsletter job was stressing out his family. So toss that in with the fact that this newsletter is called Emerging Market Strategist, and you won’t be surprised to hear that he’s pitching foreign stocks that don’t have US listings and that most of us won’t have heard of.

Of course, it’s not nearly exciting enough to say that these stocks are off the beaten path — we have to make up a mysterious name for them to make it even sexier, right? In this case, he’s calling ’em “Censored Stocks.” To give you a taste, here’s how the pitch for the newsletter gets us revved up:

“Former WSJ Reporter’s Shocking Discovery:

Your Discount Brokerage Account May Be Costing You Thousands of Dollars a Year!

“Millions of investors have saved a bundle of money trading online.

“But one industry expert claims you may have been intentionally cut off from the most powerful wealth-building stocks on the market….

“If you think Wall Street is rigged against you, you’re right.

Each day, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and dozens of discount brokerages ‘censor’ 74% of the world’s top-performing stocks.

“Wall Street brokers refuse to sell these shares to retail clients… because they don’t earn a high commission from them.

“Yet over the past seven years, ‘Censored’ stocks have outperformed regular stocks by 300%….

“…’censored’ stocks could be your ticket to incredible riches.”

And, of course, the gigunga-size promise:

“In this letter, I’ll tell you exactly how to play Jeff’s next big opportunities with the potential to turn $2,000 into $30,600.”

He tells us that these kinds of frontier and emerging market picks give you several ways to “win” — they give you foreign currency exposure and often very large dividends; they aren’t covered by Wall Street analysts so sometimes even billion-dollar companies are cheap and “undiscovered”; and they’re in booming consumer economies so they have the wind at their backs (those are all paraphrased, but I think I got the gi