Solved: Empire’s “Most Obvious 10X Opportunity I’ve Seen” Pitch

Ads hint that "A stock we've been pounding the table on just got crushed. It's down to around $10 from its high of $30 earlier this year. And we LOVE it!" So what's the stock? We've got your Thinkolator answers right here...

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 27, 2021

Crypto stories are running hot and heavy once again, as Bitcoin and Ethereum have recovered to make new highs in recent weeks after a big slump midyear (OK, Ethereum is not quite at new highs — but it’s close)… and whenever that happens in a sector, we know the newsletter sales pitches will follow. This one looks a little familiar, it’s from Enrique Abeyta over at Empire Elite Growth (“on sale” for $2,250/yr, renews at $3,000, no refunds), but it carries an October date so let’s see if he’s pitching something new.

The implication of the promo emails is that this is a “double down” idea, here’s the pitch I got from Abeyta’s colleague Whitney Tilson via email today: