What’s Empire Elite Growth’s Teased “Robinhood of Crypto”?

De-teasing Enrique Abeyta's "Most Obvious 10X Opportunity" that's "A Backdoor into the Hugely Profitable Cryptocurrency Market"

Crypto stories are running hot and heavy once again, as Bitcoin and Ethereum have staked out dramatic new highs in recent months… and whenever that happens in a sector, we know the newsletter sales pitches will follow. I covered one of those in the Friday File last week from the Oxford Club folks, and today it’s Enrique Abeyta’s turn over at Empire Elite Growth (“on sale” for $2,000/yr, no refunds).

The teaser pitch from Empire Elite Growth, which pitches itself as a “buy and hold” newsletter for small and mid-cap growth stocks, is actually pretty similar to the ad I looked at last week from Marc Lichtenfeld — both are stocks that get teased as “back door” plays on the cryptocurrency market. Since they’re stocks, not cryptocurrencies, they can be bought and sold through ordinary brokerage accounts, which makes the whole idea a little more palatable for a lot of investors. It’s a different stock being teased this time, though, so let’s dig in and see what the details are.

Here’s a little taste of the ad:

“This is the biggest, most obvious, investment opportunity I’ve uncovered in 25 years….

“… later this month, this company is scheduled to make its quarterly earnings announcement.

“I expect that the company will blow Wall Street’s expectations out of the water. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the stock takes off the next morning and never looks back….

“… this company is unique. It’s a way for you to catch the upside of the exploding cryptocurrency market without buying a single crypto.

“If you missed out on bitcoin, this could be a way you could STILL make 1,000% gains in crypto – directly through your brokerage account.

“And I’m telling you, it could even happen before 2021 comes to a close.”

So what is this “backdoor?” Abeyta says it’s a way to “bet on the entire crypto market with one ‘click’ of your mouse” ….

“… the ‘back door’ I’m talking about today is not Coinbase. It’s something potentially even better.

“It’s an exchange similar to Coinbase, but with some critical differences.

“This company launched its trading app fairly recently, but it burst out of the gates with unbelievable momentum.”

And he drops a few numbers and other details that we can feed to the Thinkolotor…

“In 2019, it had just $5 million in assets under management. Today, it has more than $2 billion! ….

“As recently as December, this company had fewer than 40,000 verified users, as the service was still relatively secret….

“By the end of January, 250,000 new users had signed up….

“In December, it generated a couple million bucks in revenue… By February – just two months later – it brought in $20 million.”

He also refers to this company as the “Robinhood of Crypto” (it’s a new kind of industry, so everyone uses those kinds of terms to make it easier to understand… the one we looked at last week, Galaxy, was teased as the “Goldman Sachs of Crypto”), and that it also has another angle: it pays interest to customers…

“This company pays its customers interest on their deposits, just like Wells Fargo or Bank of America.

“In March, it was paying customers as high as 9% interest.”

And a little more before we turn those clues over to the Thinkolator…

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“The company I’m so excited about today is bending over backwards to avoid any nasty legal surprises.

“In fact, it’s actually the only fully regulated crypto brokerage in the United States.

“It’s fully licensed in 49 states and even owns a FINRA broker/dealer for security tokens and derivatives.”

What’s that one state that hasn’t licensed this brokerage? Interestingly, it’s New York… home to, whaddya know, Wall Street and pretty much all the biggest brokerage companies. That doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

But yes, here Abeyta is teasing the cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital