What’s Empire’s “TaaS 2.0” Pitch All About?

Looking into Whitney Tilson and Enrique Abeyta's pitch of "TaaS 2.0: Profiting From the Second Wave of the TaaS Megatrend."

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 29, 2021

It’s been a little over a year since Whitney Tilson’s Empire Financial entered the world of big-time newsletter promotions with a teaser pitch for “TaaS” — and as that anniversary of a really successful teaser pitch comes near, they’re updating it today with some new stocks… and a tease for a different newsletter.

The new pitch went live as one of those interminable infommercials on March 25th, so the “save the date” ads were everywhere in the days leading up to that, but now we’ve got the recorded presentation to sift through and, thankfully, a handy-dandy transcript we can scour for clues.

The ad this time around is for Enrique Abeyta’s Empire Elite Growth newsletter ($2,500 for the first year, no refunds), though his partner Whitney Tilson is also part of the presentation and follows up on some of his TaaS ideas from last year.

And the basic pitch is the same — electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles will move us faster down the road to “Transportation as a Service” (that’s the TaaS — others have made similar pitches calling it Mobility as a Service (MaaS)). And Tilson and Abeyta think this is coming faster than you expect… here’s a little bit from Abeyta:

“Everything seems to happen slowly, until you wake up one day and realize that the world has completely changed. It’s actually a psychological tendency we have as humans.

“We don’t notice the little changes… the little blips on our radar that should clue us in to the changing winds. We’ll subconsciously ignore them because they just aren’t that important to us in our day to day. And we’ll ignore it again and again until suddenly those little blips are the new status quo.

“It’s just like how it seemed smartphones were a novelty for a couple of years when they first came out…

“The first ever iPhone popped up in 2007…

“And yet, by 2010, 20% of Americans owned a smartphone. And only four years later, it was a majority.

“I believe the exact same thing we saw with smartphones is about to happen for electric and self-driving vehicles….

“You’re going to be seeing a lot more electric cars on the road in the coming months and years.”

And here’s the actual lead-in to the promo:

“1 Group of “TaaS” Stocks Gained an Average of 447% in 2020

“Why a $2.5 Trillion Transition Could Send a Second Wave of TaaS Stocks Soaring…

“Today, we’re giving our company’s exclusive update to our most popular investment idea to date, the “TaaS” boom.”

I can confirm that “popular” part, at least — Tilson’s first TaaS pitch, which has been one of his highest-profile promos since he launched Empire Financial in partnership with the Stansberry folks, has been one of our most-requested stories of the past year. That was much more of an entry-level pitch, charging $49 for Tilson’s Empire Stock Investor, and this sales promo for Abeyta’s Empir