Energy Advantage teases: “This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil… This amazing breakthrough transforms seemingly worthless pieces of land around the world into energy-producing powerhouses.”

Kent Moors says, "If you could only own one solar company for the next 10 years, this would be the one."
. Latest touts are headlined, "Stunning Chemical Engineering Breakthrough Unlocks 36,000 Years' Worth of FREE, RENEWABLE FUEL for the ENTIRE PLANET!"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 8, 2019

The first version of this article ran way back on March 30, 2016, so it might look familiar to a lot of you — but a few folks asked about it today, and it looks like the ad is running again, still without much change to the spiel, so I’m re-publishing this teaser solution. I’ve made some mild updates to these introductory paragraphs, and added some comments to the bottom, but a lot of the article (and the ad) is word-for-word the same as it was three years ago.

Three years? Yep, before that March 2016 update, there was also a previous version of this Dr. Kent Moors “New Fuel Will Kill Big Oil” and “Magic Sand Power” pitch, back in the Fall of 2015. The stock he pitched so aggressively starting back then as the “greatest leap of mankind” stock for “free energy” had been crushed… and I kept seeing the same ads for his Energy Advantage, continuing to tease the stock, all the way down. Even as the company was filing for bankruptcy, the ad kept running.

But, apparently eager to keep using a sales pitch that must have been working nicely to bring in subscribers, they carefully swapped out the hints about that failed stock and inserted hints about a new one sometime in early 2016. The ad that started then is still running today with almost no changes (I just received it again, though it’s got an April 2018 date below the signature now), though, of course, it teases a different company.

Which is probably a good thing — that first ad from 2015, which many of you no doubt remember for the pictures of deserts and the implication that his favorite stock had found a new way to generate electricity from grain of sand, was focused primarily on SunEdison (SUNE, which delisted and became SUNEQ before disappearing entirely), which was one of the worst blow-ups in the market shortly after that as they used hedge fund-suggested financial engineering and heavy debt to grow rapidly and finance new solar installations and expansions… then fell on their face when the “cheap financing” provided by that financial engineering proved to be unsustainable and they filed for bankruptcy protection from their creditors.

The newer ad that’s been running since 2016, with some variations, still has those zoomed in photos of sand, the talk about how big corporations like Google and Facebook and Costco are depending on this “new fuel”, and the general pitch for solar power. That’s essentially the same, with minor updates, as the ad that touted SunEdison.

I don’t actually know what Dr. Moors suggested to his subscribers as SUNE fell, or when — maybe he had them out of it at $3 or $2 or something along the way and shifted course, or maybe he remained convinced that their technology and their market presence will give them the chance to dig their way out and he never sold as it dwindled to zero. We’ve left the original comments appended to this article down at the bottom, so you can see what some folks shared about it at the time, including some folks who said they were subscribers to that newsletter.

So Dr. Kent Moors, thankfully, has been teasing someone else in solar. So who is it?

—The balance of this article, other than the updated info at the bottom, is unchanged from March 30, 2016. Assuming that the Thinkolator was correct, the stock being teased is down about 45% from where it was on that day… or if you had waited until this year’s version of the ad started in April, you’d only be down 37%–

Let’s check the clues. This is from the newest version of the ad that I got today:

“And while there will be numerous plays coming down the pike, you will NEVER have another opportunity like you have today – right now!

“You see, at the center of this energy revolution sits one tiny company that’s about to go from virtual obscurity to household name.

“Their revolutionary technology has completely transformed the way this fuel is harvested.

“At the same time, they have over 130 patents protecting their market share.

“To say this company is in the driver’s seat would be an understatement of epic proportions.

“At this moment, every major energy player on the planet is banging on their door looking for cheap energy.

“Their client roster is a ‘who’s who