What’s “The Motherlode” being pitched by Dr. Kent Moors — are you “entitled to a piece of $1.4 trillion?”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 3, 2018

Kent Moors certainly has some talented copywriters plying his wares… we’ve been seeing his latest “buried treasure” pitch for about a week now, and today I’m finally actually finding the time to read it and get some answers for our beloved Gumshoe readers.

The ad is a pitch for Moors’ Energy Advantage (currently $299), Here’s the headline that got everyone excited:

“Buried beneath the Chihuahuan Desert, in the southwestern United States, lies an ancient TREASURE TROVE that’s being called…


“It could be worth over $1.4 trillion. And everyday Americans are discovering they’re entitled to a piece of it.”

The email introducing the ad went further still, mentioning something that sounds more official, like maybe there’s really some way that you could be entitled to “large portions” of that motherlode… here’s a taste of that:

“… while much about this fast-moving situation is still unknown, one thing is certain…

“This region is now sitting on top of the most valuable treasure trove in history.

“It’s so big, it’s earned an appropriate nickname from some in the press: “the motherlode.”

“And due to a few unique factors, including an obscure 1901 court ruling known as ‘the rule of capture,’ everyday Americans could be entitled to large portions of it.”

I think we all know that there’s some fine print in there — we’ve yet to find something that you’re “entitled to” or can “enroll in” or “sign up for,” despite the best efforts of copywriters to make it seem like you’re about to get something for free… what I expect he’ll be telling us is that there’s a company that owns part of this “motherlode,” and if you buy shares you’ll be entitled to some of the rewards.

That’s not terribly shocking — this is an investment newsletter, after all, and they’re likely to tout investments… but it’s always disappointing to some of our readers to learn that, yes, the rules still exist: You can’t get somethin’ for nothin’, it takes money to make money, and there ain’t no free lunch.

But, of course, we do still want to figure out what Moors is talking about… just because something’s not free, and it’s being unreasonably hyped, doesn’t mean it’s automatically a bad investment… and the more we learn, the better the choices we can make.

The ad lays it on thick with the “buried treasure” theme — referencing folks who found gold coins in the desert, medieval artifacts under battlefields in England, and a copy of the first printing of the Declaration of Independence hidden behind an unremarkable painting at a flea market.

So that sets the stage, and our greed is primed: we’re already dreaming of stumbling across free riches. Moors goes on:

“A historic treasure trove has been discovered right here in the United States.

“It is so big, it could crown 100 new millionaires, every single month, for the next 11 years.

“And if you play your cards right, you could be one of them.

“Because help is needed to get this treasure out of the ground.

“And that’s where you may want to play a role in this story.”

We’re going to find out in a moment that “help is needed” means “you can invest money” … but let’s continue with the story. More from the ad:

“If you were looking to find the greatest buried treasure in American history, this desert would be one of the last places on your list….

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