Enormous “Oil Kitchen” Profits Offshore Namibia

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 30, 2010

This is one of those teases that clearly jumps out at people — when a relatively high profile newsletter teases a new and undervalued oil reservoir held by a tiny penny stock, folks get interested … or at least, that’s what I conclude from the vast number of emails I’ve received in just the last 12 hours since this ad started rolling.

Byron King tells us that this stock could make for life-altering gains … and that it could easily rise tenfold, or a hundredfold as Wall Street gets interested in this major oil discovery, though he also says in some of his promotional materials that he thinks a buyout from another company (like Petrobras, for example) seems pretty likely.

The details of this are available from Mr. King himself, should you choose to subscribe to his “premium priced” (about $1,500) Energy & Scarcity Investor to get the “free” (with subscription) special report. But of course, since you’re so tight with your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe, you get a sneak peek at a few details here today … assuming I can figure it out.

Here are the clues he shared in a recent article/ad:

“The moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico will only accelerate the “internationalization” of oil exploration. With the moratorium, deep-water drilling rigs will leave the Gulf. The newest, most modern, most capable rigs (and the “safest,” if you REALLY care about safety) will be the first to go. They’re in demand from firms like Petrobras and Statoil to drill in places like Angola and Namibia…. the moratorium will create new urgency to explore and develop deepwater projects elsewhere in the world.

“I recently told the subscribers of Energy and Scarcity Investor about a small Canadian oil developer with BIG acreage offshore Namibia. Out of deference to my Energy and Scarcity subscribers, I can’t divulge the name of Company “X”. But I’ll share a few details about it, just to give you a flavor of the terrific investment opportunities that are now emerging.

“Company ‘X’ holds astonishingly large acreage in oil prospective waters in the southerly regions of Namibia’s offshore. We’re talking about HUGE amounts of prospective oil resource – in the billions of barrels. Yes, billions.

“How good is the acreage? Well, let’s look at the neighbors. You’re known by the company you keep. Petrobras holds the Namibian blocks to ...

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