“Limitless Profit … from Sonoma Grizzly Power”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 23, 2009

Now this is what a teaser ad is all about — a bold copywriter doing enough research into the history of a particular investment thesis or company to track down something worthy of an action movie screenplay, and using that to hook our interest in a newsletter.

Good stuff.

Today it’s Byron King, better known for his Outstanding Investments newsletter but today shilling for his newer Energy and Scarcity Investor.

Here’s the first part of the ad, just to give you a taste — you’ll probably also see them calling this “Sonoma Steam Power,” which is a bit more revealing, but it’s mostly going out under the name “Sonoma Grizzly Power” — which, of course, sounds a bit more exciting:

“Three coming U.S. gov’t mandates could force you to make $63,359 from “Sonoma Grizzly Power”

“This bear hunter nearly died the day he accidentally discovered “Sonoma Grizzly Power” in 1847.

“In 2009, three government mandates could allow you to harness his discovery to build yourself a fortune.

“But you need to move quickly. The first mandate could arrive as early as April 2, 2009.”

How can you not love that? A bear hunter? Come on, this is good stuff! Here’s some more on the bear hunter, just to set the scene:

“You dangle from a crumbling cliff.

“Your fingers dig into loose gravel.

“1,500 feet below lies an abyss of steam.

“Can you think of a worse fate?

“That’s exactly what William Bell Elliot faced on a sunny spring day in 1847.

“Although he luckily pulled himself back up over the cliff’s edge, he was certain he’d just glimpsed the gates of Hell.

“Elliot, a legendary adventurer, set out bear hunting that day in the region we know today as California’s Wine Country.

“He was looking for a notorious grizzly known as “Old Slewfoot.”

“He climbed up a step embankment. He rounded the corner of a canyon. And suddenly, he found himself barely clinging to rocks above a 1,500-foot drop.

“At the bottom of that drop was… nothing.

“Nothing but roaring, steaming vapor.”

Call me a sucker, but I’m hooked — it’s a good story. Good enough that it’s been used before to hook folks into articles about this investment idea — probably the first time was in 1968, when it was the lead for a Time magazine story about this very same topic, geothermal energy.

Time called it a “steam rush” back then, akin to the earlier California gold rush, and though it didn’t really take hold as a “rush” back in the late 1960s, you can argue that, for investors at least, geothermal energy is once again a hot topic.

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I’ve written about geothermal companies a few times in this space, both for prior ads for this Energy and Scarcity investor (that was the good ‘ol “slow volcano power” campaign), and for Green Chip Stocks, which has also come around to touting one of these companies again, after taking a few months off.

And though this ad adds some significant new copy to the old “slow volcano power” ads, not just the stuff about the bear hunter but the newer stuff about some specific government catalysts — including a possible EPA decision next month — the companies it teases look like they’re exactly the same as they were last time around.

Don’t worry, I’ll still share the names of these companies with you — no need to shell out for this pricey newsletter ($750 a year, which they say is a 50% discount) if all you want are a few “Sonoma Grizzly Power” stock ideas.

First, those catalysts that King says are coming …

“Just a few days from now, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected make a dramatic announcement.

‘It could come as early as April 2.

“The U.S. government could give early, visionary investors the chance to make historic profits. Here’s how:

“It practically ensures massive growth in electrical power generated by William Bell Elliot’s discovery.

“There’s more…

“A few weeks later, Congress could pass huge new taxes on power companies that don’t adopt energy sources like “Sonoma Grizzly Power.”

“The expected EPA announcement would force the hand of Congress to pass huge new taxes on electric utilities.

“The only way they can avoid these taxes is to adopt green energy sources like “Sonoma Grizzly Power.”

“And there’s more.

“A California law is forcing pow