Friday File: Kent Moors’ $2 Million Startup and $7 Trillion Energy Sub-Niche

What's being teased by Energy Inner Circle?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 12, 2018

I’ve been working on putting together my Annual Review of all the stocks in my Real Money Portfolio for you, but I’ve gotten such an overwhelming number of questions about the latest ad from Dr. Kent Moors at Money Map that I’m putting some of that annual review on hold so I can quickly address this pitch for you.

Here’s the headline that so many of you have been asking about today:

“Shocking Move by DOE Unlocks New $7 Trillion Energy Sub-Niche

“The race is on. Insiders are swarming. And now, a tiny $2 million startup has harnessed a patented technology that could ignite a 59,845% revenue-surge”

The ad is from Dr. Kent Moors for his Energy Inner Circle ($1,950/year), and on top of those stories about incredible revenue growth he’s got lots of breathless language about the Saudi’s taking this company over imminently, making you buckets of money.

So what’s the story? Let’s check the clues a bit…

“At the center of the frenzy, holding all the aces, sits a tiny $2 million startup

“This company didn’t even exist 18 months ago.

“It’s small, less than half of one-percent the size of Exxon.

“In fact, they barely cobbled together $2 million in revenue last year!”

OK… what else?

“And here’s the best part: This is pure ground floor.

“It’s happening so fast – and with such unstoppable momentum – that only a handful of Wall Street’s savviest players have been able to secure a position.”

Feeling that profit-lust rush to your head yet? Careful, copywriters are good and building the excitement… let’s see if we can add a dose of reality for you. First, to run through some of the other key clues, and Moors’ forecast (how can we come back and check the results if we don’t know what he’s promising, right?)

So we get some wild projections that this “$2 million company” could grow its revenue by 59,850%…

“This site is located along the Gulf Coast on the Calcasieu River, a proven natural-gas oasis…

“And this tiny $2 company has joined forces with engineering titan, Bechtel – to develop this acreage into the world’s premier natural gas export terminal…

“This one-of-a-kind facility will have 96 miles of natural gas pipeline, so as natural gas is pulled from the ground, it can be delivered directly for liquefaction.

“The facility will also contain 20 liquefaction units, each expected to ...

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