“Takeover Target Poised to Explode!”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 13, 2010

Today I thought we’d take a look at an Elliott Gue teaser for a stock that he thinks will be taken over by, of all people, the Rockefellers. Or maybe it’s The Rockefellers. He’s selling his Energy Strategist newsletter … and you’ll see why this teaser specifically appealed to me in a minute.

Here’s a bit from the ad to give you a taste of his pitch:

“Follow the Money from a Top-Secret Meeting Inside Room 5600 of Rockefeller Center and You Stand to Make Life-Changing Money on One Blockbuster Trade….

“Male heirs of the wealthiest family in America traveled in stealth to midtown Manhattan from the far corners of the earth to attend their annual meeting deep inside this cavernous limestone structure. As stipulated by the oil titan himself over a century ago, women are barred from Rockefeller business and excluded from all meetings….

“The financial affairs of the Rockefeller family—numbering around 150 blood relatives of John D. Rockefeller—are run from the family office in Rockefeller Center, Room 5600, known officially as Rockefeller Family and Associates.

“This Rockefeller family gathering wasn’t just any business meeting. Something big went down. An initiative to take a controlling interest in the deepwater drilling business was unanimously approved.

“As a result of this under-the-radar meeting in New York City, the Rockefeller family will move rapidly to gain control of the one remaining segment of the global oil business they do not already dominate.”

Drawing the connections in the ad seems like a bit of a stretch — Gue goes on to explain that the Rockefellers built their fortune in oil and still have huge influence in the global oil business, both directly and indirectly, and that he believes the family investment funds (particularly Rockefeller Family & Associates, though they have dozens) or their affiliated oil companies (the family still holds shares in ExxonMobil, which evolved from John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil).

And I have no idea what source he has about the Rockefellers and their investment policies, so perhaps the family did indeed unanimously decide to invest in deepwater oil drilling — I certainly can’t confirm anything about that, and if he can he’s not citing his sources in the ad.

But the point, we must remember, is that he thinks the Rockefellers will be buying a deepwater driller, directly or indirectly …

“After drilling down for 40 night ...

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