“Tiny Gold Stock Declares First Ever Special Cash Dividend”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 11, 2010

If the last few years of Stock Gumshoe-ing have taught me anything, it’s that many of my readers love gold, and many more of them love dividends. So when the folks at Lombardi issued this email blast promoting Inya Ivkovic’s Explosive Mine Stocks newsletter, it caught my eye — they tease us that you can receive your special report about this company as soon as you subscribe (“on sale” for $89), and that this stock is not only primed to issue its “first ever special cash dividend,” but also has three other catalysts.

So … the “deadline” is August 16 (that’s apparently the day you have to be a shareholder of record in order to get this “special dividend”), so they even manage to squeeze a little urgency into their newsletter pitch. That gives us five days to figure out what stock this is, so I think we’re OK. I may blather on, but not for quite that long.

Part of the hook for this pitch is that the “Wall Street fatcats” are on vacation and missing the hot story …

“Over the last 30-45 days, it seems a tiny gold stock has quietly been making a series of very important announcements and financial moves.

“But here’s the thing…

“Because many Wall Street traders and fat cats typically take the summer off and because trading volume plummets, these moves have gone practically unnoticed.”

So are we about to be rewarded for sitting patiently at our desks, toiling away while everyone else is in the Hamptons? Sounds pretty enticing, no?

Here’s some more from Michael Lombardi’s letter:

“I’ll admit, it’s not a ‘sure thing’… nothing is… but if you’ve got a little cash set aside for just the right opportunity… then this stock may be the one you’ve been waiting for.

“So very quickly, if you are interested, here’s what’s going on and how you can take advantage before the August 16th deadline.


“There are four recently announced ‘triggers’ that could send this stock price soaring once Wall Street roars back to life later this month.”

Thankfully, the newsletter copywriters know that we’re all so accustomed to disclaimers like “it’s not a sure thing” that we know in our greedy little hearts that what the analyst wanted to say was, “guaranteed winner buy buy buy!” … and it was just the mean lawyers keeping him back.

So … we know that the dividend deadline is August 16, which is probably enough if we’re really willing to put the Thinkolator through its paces … but it’s a steamy, lazy summer day, so let’s see if we can’t make it a bit easier on ourselves by sifting through a few more clues. Starting with those four catalysts that Lombardi mentions …

“Gold Stock Explosion Trigger #1 – Pulling Real Gold Out of the Ground

“On July 1st, this tiny company declared commercial production….

“… they are pulling gold out of the ground at a cost of only $200 an ounce….

“… they are expected to pull out 70,000 ounces in the next 12 months.”